MoistCr1tikal Talks About How He CAN'T STAND Elon Musk

This Is The Greatest Reaction Of All Time

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  1. His take about birthrates was dumb
    Since the guy was talking about birthrates and not about the population
    Low birthrates will start to effect on population many years after

  2. There's real people out there who defend the Hyper Loop and genuinely think it's a good idea, Elon could sell those idiots anything and they'll eat just it up because it's Elon lmfao

  3. Elon Musk is the definition of, it doesn't take a genius to be rich, just gotta know how to scam idiots out of their money.

  4. Hes getting Twitter, theirs a trial over the acquisition bid price. Twitter wants him to buy at around $50 a share, Elon is saying because they lied about the number of bots on the platform, a lower bid would suffice. Forbes is stupid, has always sheeted on Elon especially with misinformation like the Hyperloop.
    Tesla is an AI, software, and energy company. Much less a car company, but don't tell anyone.

  5. I never understood the hype about the Mars missions. Why would you want to colonise a deadly rock? And if you want to explore other planets, then just send another robot

  6. Many of his creations are unfeasable at best thus making him a literal scammer, selling some good stuff mixed with tech fantasies that are never going to work in any way like the Hyperloop and colonizing Mars lol meanwhile investor and shareholders are pumping money like crazy thinking he can actualy deliver in his lifetime

  7. Visionary, lol – Sure. And Santa Claus is Jesus after he retired to the northpole after "dying for our sins"

  8. "too many jobs are empty" is business talk for "not enough people want to work that kind of job for this little money"

  9. People should look into it honestly… Most nations across the board are experiencing lower birth rates at an alarming rate. It isn't an issue, yet, but birthrates are by nature the sort of thing that isn't instant lol. The US was around an increase of 1.3 in the year 2000, but it's fallen to around 0.6 and still dropping. Some nations like Japan are already in the red and still dropping. The only nations which still have climbing birth rates are a few Asian and African countries. Some African countries are progressing at a massive pace while most of the world is in decline.

    Elon is nuts. I never loved the dude, I don't understand how anyone can love a billionaire. No one reaches that point by being the good guy. However, in this case Elon is actually on to something. Although, it won't matter much for him or most of us because we won't see most of the impacts during our lifetimes.

    The US is actually okay though. Mostly because of immigrants making up for our lost numbers, but even Mexico and many South American nations are also on the decline. However, most of Europe is boned.

  10. My only problem with Charlie is as soon as you have a different opinion on one thing with him he no longer likes that person buuutt I don’t like Elon either 😂

  11. He's definitely full of shit on alot of things he promises. I said years ago, and still do, autopilot in cars is not feasible anytime soon. But musk promised so it must be true right…Cybertruck and the semi were promised long time ago and still nothing, which is no surprise to anyone that isn't blinded by fandom.

  12. One of the biggest reasons for me disliking musk is that he has one of his factories in xinxiang where there is literal concentration camps and ethnic cleansing happening.

  13. Why does Elon think the world population is quuckly dropping. I'm in a Human Geography class rn and I learned that several different countries are in different stages of development with different TFR, CBR, CDR, and IMR rates around the whole world meaning that some countries are either slowly declining in populations like Japan or quickly grow such as developing countries in Africa. My teacher also showed us that the by November of this year the world would reach 8 billion people approximately.

    Edit: Also I just rembered that the population grow rate around the world has exponentially extremely fast since humanity has existed since the 1950s.

  14. Why does no one ever call ELON OUT??? He’s the poster boy for over hyping/promising things and under delivering on everyone of them!!!

    Under populated and running out of water!!!

  15. Love charlie but it takes a single google search to find out why Elon disagreed with the railway system. No clue why him not buying Twitter, or him being upset at them not being truthful during a big purchase like that, are bad things.

    Remember kids, you don't have to agree with everything someone says to like and respect them.

  16. Friendly reminder elon musk is a con man. If anyone's interested in seeing the truth watch a ten min video on YouTube called why I hate elon musk. It's all factual and even the founders of tesla (that's right elons not a founder) testify against elons misdeeds

  17. Bruh… It's wild how he runs Tesla. It's literally the same all those alt coins and nft founders do. Elon straight up the biggest scammer of all time.

  18. My first impression of Elon Musk came from when he accused the man who rescued Thai kids trapped in an underwater grotto of being a pædo with zero foundation because he roasted Elon's Looney Tunes scheme to rescue them. So yeah I was never a fan of that guy. Honestly I am surprised Charlie didn't see through him from the beginning.

  19. I know Charlie has warned us multiple times about posting cringe on main, and I guess that’s why this video isn’t on his channel