Elon Musk explains why Schools and Colleges SUCK!


  1. 20 years.. man I get bored of a new bright ideas in days ..
    It's just a place of growing up ideas where dreamed like you and me are supposed to be .. that the space..Conquer the space is our only hope and luckily it seems so limitlessly infinite ♾️

  2. Why did Elon go to school? Would he had been an engineer without school? How many uneducated people start high tech companies? Would they know how a microchip works? Or better how to make them? He is so idiotic…

  3. College degrees are primarily for social status. It's a liberal feminism manufacturer that dismantles social structures and ethical values.

  4. Don't worry, Elon.The system that you get your employee base from will be ever more convoluted w/the time waste &🧠drain of repetitive mind numbing,TASS testing preparedness course of instruction,
    only cursory additions like common core math & critical race theory added to the droning.But you're a genius;you'll make it work

  5. Dream bigg
    Think beyond limits be a doctor engineer or in any profession is nice ..
    But its really not enough