Scientists Shocking new Discovery in Pyramids Turns Everything Upside Down

Scientists just discovered something very important that will change the ways we think about how pyramids were built. There are many theories about how pyramids were built, many think that aliens did it, many think that it has a perfectly logical explanation, well this discovery changes everything.


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  1. 4:05 "The site has to be near to the palace, but not too near." Jesus Christ! The Pyramids could be seen FOR MILES. WTF!!!

  2. If they ddo it the way they said why not build one to show or at least cut the blocks using the same methods they used?

  3. Many people are confused about the actual evidence that has been found. Over millenia thousands of objects and even buildings have been stolen and removed. Hieroglyphs were found above the Kings chamber and originally belived to be faked are indeed real. One of The Kings names that were written on the blocks weren't even known about when they were found and it has now been proven the writing went under the rock so must have been done during construction. The same type and looking Hieroglyphs found up the air shaft that couldn't possibly have been faked. The great pyramid does indeed have mortar in the construction. And plaster throughout the internal tunnels. The mortar used burned wood Ash so was extremely easy to carbon date and yes the dates add up. We was only out by 200 years in over 4500. There were burials all around the pyramids and throughout the entire complex because the whole area was a cemetery. The internal ramps were found and the grand gallery was a pully system to aid in pulling up the blocks. So much is said by youtubers to get likes and get views and therefore paid. It's all crap and the evidence has always been there but in books not Internet. Some good videos out there but very few and far between. Thousands on pseudo rubbish tho. Don't get dragged down by the make belive.

  4. What a load of utter bullshit! There is no evidence that the dynastic Egyptians were ever inside the Great pyramids of the Giza plateau. No mummies, artwork, hieroglyphs, artifacts, or any other evidence of their presence has ever been found inside any of them. Would the builder of the greatest monument to himself ever constructed have not put his name on it in some conspicuous place? Of course he would, but none has ever been found.
    The belief that the Great pyramids were tombs belonging to and built by dynastic Egyptians is based on the spurious claim, made a couple of hundred years ago by some uninformed idiot, that the name of a pharaoh was etched on a building some hundreds of meters away from them, and therefore they were built by him.
    Stone masons today all agree that the pyramids could not have been built by people without advanced technology, or with the only tools available to them at the time, and certainly not with the precision they were constructed. There is also no way of dating the age of the pyramids either.

  5. Click bait. Why use a picture of Elon and mention him saying aliens built the pyramids.
    Seems like copyright infringement.

  6. Imagine a pyramid that is 70 miles high….. imagine what we humans can do with a pyramid that is 70 miles high….a pyramid that is 70 miles high is the future of space travel…

  7. Are they smarter than the Mayans Or did the Mayans exit after them.
    I think Egyptians are the smartest in history. Bc we aren't the smartest civilization but the most advanced

  8. The idea that the pyramids could be built without precision tools and instruments, before the invention of the wheel, is like thinking that the Wright Brothers could build an F-22 as their very first aircraft.

  9. Conveniently these types of videos leave out the much more massive granite stones that were quarried from Aswan miles away and precisely placed inside for the King's chamber. I wonder why that is?

  10. People don't realize what I have recently discovered, that the Pyramids were built by robots… yes it sounds absolutely ridiculous but sorry it's true, and the rest I'll leave up to you.

  11. The holes are drilled to allow a stone etching solution. A rake device would then be used to cut the stone by dissolving the cut.

  12. Many fail to see these were designed as meditation chambers to attain higher wisdom from the universal field. You are all kept in the dark, fold up the christain cross into a box, you can only see in 3 dimension, whilst others see beyond that confinement.

  13. This is false propaganda you wackjob none of this is how the pyramids were built or who built the pyramids

  14. Subterranean Chamber of The Great Pyramid – HD Footage

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  15. I believe that Giza was built by the deity Djehuti, Ibis, Thoth!
    Hundreds and thousands of years ago without humans to help.
    Just god like beings!
    Giza is a free energy device but something is missing!
    The stone box in the main room is a perfect size for the ark of the covenant.
    So Vatican pope! Put it back!

  16. Pyramids built by Enoch father of Methuselah. They were built in the centre of the earth which happened to be Egypt. Nobody is buried in he pyramids. There are pyramids around the earth beleived to transmit electricity. The fable of pyramids being burial grounds is a lie. Under pyramids is a large city.

  17. Wast so much time saying nothing important. why leave out Toth, the designer and builder of the great pyramid that was the first guys keep saying the same shit all the time.

  18. why we act like there wasnt giants & hybrid creatures back then. not to mention things like frequency & energy manipulation was common.

  19. No, Pyramid Kailash is the oldest and most important.

    These, although incredible do not sit on one of the 8 major energy vortexes. Pyramid Kailash does, and it is blatantly obvious it is a Pyramid. Huge cut granite, perfect in every sense.

    No the true history is kept back.

  20. The idea that they'd used water to build the pyramids came to me way back in 2005 when I witnessed the aftermath of the fact that incredibly massive objects had been displaced by tremendous distances by water when Hurricane Katrina hit the general region, years before this ultimate hell including the tremendous suppression of my mental and physical functioning by covert technological means began.

  21. There was no water source to erect the granite pile formations in Southern Africa. Cooling or dust prevention even in lush abundance first sold as local weather manipulation… nothing worst then thirst or a kid without rope lol.

  22. Senentist think , haft of what they think they know !
    Senentist are right about 50% of the time !
    Climate change has been happening for millions of years !
    As the Earth tiltes the Climate changes ! Look around the world and see how many places have had flooding and drought this year alone !

  23. I just try to imagine how much stuff was in these pyramids before people ransacked and stole everything. King Tut had a full room of stuff. I believe a lot of these rooms were very similar. Especially the ones in the pyramids. Somebody cleared those rooms out a long time ago.

  24. The word "Scientist" is derived from the word idiot. There's no such thing as science. It's all a big lie.

  25. I think this planet is a station, the ones who built every pyramid around the world abandoned the sites. They were not human.

  26. Not true ofcourse.
    Most likely build as a proof of the skills of the the society, and originally a step pyramid.
    Then maybe added the smooth sides by the pharaos.
    Either to protect the construction, or to add more refinement.
    Guess they are very very old.

    The inside must have a function.
    But nothing we can figure out, as the science was forgotten or replaced, or not understood by humans – if they were actually build by aliens.
    Since there are pyramids everywhere, it has be be either aliens, or time travellers who instructed how, and where, to build these.

    There must be a message in this.
    A code.
    In the location and pattern across the globe.
    No offence, even the Egyptians were good, as we can see, they did not build these. Must have been there when they arrived.

    They were build as proof, just as people today build towers of proof.
    No difference..
    We are people and they were people..
    How do you pass on a message to the distant future? You build in stone.
    And so they did..

    Could be from the age of the lion, (sphinx) and the pyramids added in the age of the bull.

  27. More gibberish. Another baseless claim that the pyramids were "final resting places" for the pharoahs. This is misdirection and smokescreen intended to brainwash the public.

  28. Thought it was 20 years, hmm. It's all bollox anyway. It was built by the people here before their conflict, so to speak.

    I really am getting fed up with the brain washing that goes on to hide the truth. It pathetic.