Elon Musk meets with Zelenskyy over Ukraine

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  1. Nuclear power may be"safer" now but the problem is most of the reactors still in use are beyond their service life and unsafe. One mistake and the domino effect is nearly unstoppable, you still cannot go near Chernobyl. We probably haven't even seen the problems still to come from Fukushima… Ultimately can you trust the power company to maintain safety, and properly train the underpaid staff to be responsible for such a thing.

  2. The Ukranian war was SOOOOOO convenient, the “Green New Deal’ is being implemented and Putin can now be blamed for the economic pain it was bound to create.

  3. If I understand it well…
    USA is not at war…
    but they send their brainwashed, ill – trained morons…
    to fight their wars…
    especially when it goes against an enemy they cannot match with.
    May all the creatures of the military industrial complex, the CIA, the deep state, their minions fry in hell !!

  4. Russians are killing everything thank god for the military industry to try to stop them. They killed literally a bunch of pregnant wemon and babies.

  5. USA always wants it all and be the most powerful country in the world.
    Leave Russia alone. Don’t put NATO in Ukraine and problem solved. This is all usas work we know it!!!

  6. The country is going crazy insane has rent real estate gas the homeless people the war is insane Russia should stop

  7. I work at a gas station, The price was just under $4 when I got there for my shift and went up by almost a dollar while I was working! I'm really glad I don't drive

  8. We not only need nuclear energy, but we also need to use hydrogen in addition to electric battery technology. We need it all.

  9. The US needs to go on a war footing. We are not being killed. I can afford $10 gas, and I am not rich, I can drive people to work. We need leadership.

  10. It doesn't matter what Russia or any other country has or not, the whole problem is NATO , USA and other countries like Ukraine want war. Make no mistake WW III will start soon weather we like it or not. We are provoking RUSSIA for WW III. That's how ignorant and stupid we humans are…

  11. Russia is threatening a nuclear attack against the West. Does anyone know the US alone can take Russia off the map with a nuclear response?

  12. I haven't heard anything about lithium sanctions against Russia. Of course not they sell it to China. China refines lithium and sells the batteries to car manufacturers. China doesn't have sanctions against Russia. The area in Ukraine that Russia was most interested in controlling is enriched in lithium. Nobody is talking about this but I believe this is the Hunter Biden connection.

  13. there is nothing utrue about zelenski…nothing.the man is a true and powerful president.mawe all learn from him what a bad ass!

  14. In the segment "More Fake News" which begins !t the 54:34 minute mark, you two say that there's a barrel of proof that the "I need ammo, not a ride" is propaganda made up by U.S intelligence to prop up Zelensky. So spill out the proof instead of just talking about it.

    There's a lot of propaganda being spewed out by multiple sources on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war. Some of it is true, some of it has a kernel of truth to it, and some of it is blatently false. You two have done little to nothing to identify the sources of the propaganda you believe to be fake news.

    And Natalie continues with her pattern of making incredibly stupid statements on a regular basis, the latest being "It's dangerous at this point to just choose black hats and white hats" because of … well, you know, the propaganda(?) put out there about the heroism of Zelensky that is amplified by a lazy corporate press salivating for a full-blown war. But the key to determining white hats and black hats might be found in the political bumper sticker slogan, "Watch what I do, not just what I say." And whatever President Volodymyr Zelensky himself has said or not said about refusing offers to evacuate him from the country, he has remained in the country in the face of almost certain imprisonment or death if he is captured by Russian soldiers. So, IMHO, he deserves a white hat just for staying. And what has Putin done? He invaded a country that posed no threat to him or Russia as part of an effort to reestablish the former Russian Empire and make himself a Russian hero for centuries to come, another Peter the Great. So, Natalie because of the devastation and carnage and death that will result, it's NOT too early to designate Putin as the Black Hat in this war.

  15. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as income in investments even in this crazy days in the market,any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earnings?would be appreciated..

  16. Make gas cost what it really costs so we move to renewables faster (and I make bank on my investments into renewables and nukes)

  17. I just wanted to let everybody know that Democrats got me blocked on Twitter for saying the truth about Ukraine you can't say the truth anymore you will be silenced on both sides sooner or later there will be no such thing called as truth

  18. Manny In the House hold duel Israeli citizenship, that is totally wrong to have mixed loyalty, that needs to be addressed.