From the 3rd of November 2020, Joe Biden might be the most hated president in the history of the United States, and Elon Musk, with his free speech stance, hasn’t let go of anyone he hates, including President Joe Biden. Elon musk is no stranger to controversies, especially when it comes to locking horns with the government. He has even frankly denounced this President’s corruption.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Joe Biden Against Tesla
3:37- Elon Musk’s Previous Quarrels
7:03 – Elon Musk Against Subsidies
9:26 – Joe Biden’s Plan


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  1. Hi Elon,
    I have a 1964 JFK first issue half dollar in a sealed case,never opened or touched by a human. I need to sell it so I can buy a vehicle and move from Maine to Florida to see my son. Would you be interested? Also, I need a job and have poor credit, do to poor decisions, can I get a job at one of your companies?

  2. Everyone should just try and do their best, treat others as you would like to be treated, and prepare for the future. Love to all.

  3. Joe Biden has done many things for this country and you republicans hate to admit to any good things that he has been doing. So you all like Elon Musk keep loving up to Trump. He voted republican when trump was elected in 2016, so I don't know why this spokesman reported that he votes Democrat most of the time. He could of this last time, but the time before he voted for trump according to the same kind of report as this one here. Nobody is honest here and they either don't know, or lie about it, or what ever. But forsure, I don't trust everything Elon Musk says, because he is like a big baby every time things aren't going his way. He always talks down about anybody thats doing what he does'nt want. . That's not so good to me. I could care less how many parties he goes to, the more the better that to me means your enjoying life. I just have a problem about hearing that he, and amber were hosting certain party like once a month and there were a few under aged girls that were groomed for these parties for the very wealthy people. It was said that there were all sorts of sex going on. That kind of sounds like sex trafficking. Nancyjane 🤔🍂🍁🍃

  4. Biden is absolutely the worst and most corrupt president in history and Harris is the first Vice President to be selected based solely on race and gender, only to use victimhood over racism and xenophobia as an excuse when anyone mentions her ignorance and lack of qualifications to be in high office.

  5. Bidens handlers agenda is to have you eating no meat or the fake meat made from insects. He wants you skinny and weak from lack of protein so that you cannot put up too much resistance when they execute the purges. Starving people out and to death has been proven in history to be cheap and very effective, un like their jab that they call a vaccine.
    Pol pot, Jozef staling and Mao all took their guns and then took the food. Get ready now to make sure you have protein and other proper food.
    Not junk food that has vrery little food value if any and no MSGs and/or other excitotoxins.

  6. Gerçek emekçiden, ezilenden, dünyanın ağır iş yükünü çekenlerden o kadar uzak, başkalaşmış ve sahte bir düzen ki bu, görsel olarak karşımıza çıkan siyasetçiler, iş adamları, mesleğinde isim yapmış akademisyen, psikolog, tarihçi, mimar, avukat, mühendis ya da herhangi bir alanda, herhangi bir ünvana sahip herhangi bir birey, bu ezilen, tepelenen, canı yanan, hakları yenen insanları anlamak ve algılamaktan çok uzaklar ne yazık ki. Ama her külfet bir nimettir ya, dünyanın güzelliği de, sessiz sedasız yaşayan, aza kanaat eden ve ömür vadesini çalışarak, sabırla ve imanla tamamlamaya gayret eden bu harika insanlardır. Onların acı eşiği yüksektir, bilinç düzeyleri geniştir, yeteneklidirler, zanaatkârdırlar, en zor koşullarda hayatta kalmayı başarırlar ya da başaramazlar. Ancak daima şükrederler ve asla isyan etmezler. Manevi iklimlerin kapıları onlara açılmıştır, bu yüzden hırsları yoktur ve bu yüzden dünyanın alacalı, şatafatlı, görsel azınlığından uzak yaşarlar. Onlar iki cihanın zenginleridir ve değerleri hep öldükten sonra bilinir. Ancak onlar kendi değerlerini daima bilir. Ne kadar ezilirlerse ezilsinler, kendilerine ve insanlara olan saygıları o derece artar ve yüzlerinde hep tatlı bir tebessüm vardır. İnsan olabilmek ve insan kalabilmek de galiba böyle birşey. Selâm olsun güzel insanlara ve güzel insan olmak için gayret edenlere, iyilikte yarışanlara, kötülükten uzak duranlara ya da sabırla kötülüğü dönüştürmeye çalışanlara SELÂM OLSUN.

  7. politicians are taking jabs at elon because they know that their own position is corrupted and dont want elon to help people like her, she basically exposed herself and her position of power and the people that back her,2020 election winner is a joke

  8. joe biden Racist Only helping older or generational companies just like only doing things for our people not the other races

  9. I guess the reason that it is only the commentator talking is because EM does NOT hate Joe Biden and because he DOES NOT expose any corruption

  10. Elonmusk some one contacted me acting as you but I find it hard to believe since I have been trying for over a year or two

  11. Biden and Harris are all idiots with there Nazi Agendas, stealing from Americans. Me Musk make the best EV Vehicles

  12. Just another example of just how wrong this Joe Biden
    Administration is on EVERY
    decision made, when it comes to the security and prosperity of the country they willingly