Elon Musk Admits His Project Was A FRAUD

Elon Musk admitted to his biographer that the ‘hyperloop’ was always a pipe dream to quash support of a high-speed railway in California. Jackson White breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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  1. The only thing Elon ever invented was excuses. Mf knew about the Twitter bots because he paid for them. Guy's been hiring troll farms to bump his stock and depreciate bad reviews cause lets face it those cars are made out of tin foil and fool's gold. Better companies make electric cars

  2. Research. Otherwise, you're just "saying stuff". Tesla sells a lot of cars and its rate of sales growth is exponential. It also is far more vertically integrated than competitors and has latent other businesses as well. Its value is based on predicted future performance and those predictions are not irrational.

  3. Yup Elon has always been a Conman watch Thunferf00t video debunking most of Elon's "ideas" are complete BS
    And he thinks Democrats are the party of hate because he's a racist Oligarch while the democrats at least make some efforts to make things function for people other than the son son of Emerald mine owners who used slave labor during apartheid.

  4. I was a Elon fan until recently, it was around the time of the Dogecoin debacle. I didn't lose money, but I didn't make any.

  5. Adam Conover was botheringhim about the hyperloop from the onset. Which was a good point, wtf were people gonna do if there was a fire? If one of those extraordinarily flammable batteries and those self driving cars that "make the worst decision at the worst time" what were people supposed to do?

  6. Hyperloop was a horrible and stupid idea from day one. I can't believe people actually bought into it. People always buy into even his most stupid ideas. I think he does it to keep hype built up which over inflates his value.

  7. the simple fact of where his wealth comes from let me know that I couldn't include him in scientific research…I know a richy rich child man when I see one.

  8. The smear campaign against a man actually doing something about vehicular pollution is seriously and grossly disgusting

  9. We ARE getting High Speed Rail in California – construction is happening everyday in the Central Valley. A lot of activity and new infrastructure between Bakersfield, Hanford, Downtown Fresno, and Merced – just because the coast doesn’t yet see the activity doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

  10. And there's the more than 20 Tesla satellites that blew up in orbit today (09/19/22) because of solar activity. i hope that debris doesn't come crashing down on our heads. The sky is falling!

  11. Tesla’s are junk. I rode around in my friends Audi all electric vehicle and it makes the Tesla look like a Chevy Chevette. It’s a barely functioning tin can with batteries bought from Panasonic. Teslas are fucking ridiculously pathetic in every aspect. Beyond that they don’t pay the people out there who agreed to have the charging stations at their place of business. There are people who’ve never been paid or haven’t been paid in years or many months and that’s a regular thing for him That’s like Donald Trump. There’s a great lion in my favorite movie Repo Man and the line is, “Fucking millionaires, they never pay their bills.”

    It’s true. I have a number of wealthy clients and a number of regular middle-class and working class clients and guess who pays her bills on time and guess who sometimes never pays their bills because they’re jerk offs? That’s right, the fucking millionaires!

  12. I believe Thunderf00t called this year's ago… There's a reason on why the Hyperloop died 100 years ago yet the car,planes,trains are going strong…

  13. And? If you know who Musk is through his history of businesses and odd statements that would contradict reality then you'll see that he's an elaborate conman who uses other people's ideas to profit. He's the modern day Edison, smart enough to steal and take credit for other people's work but isn't smart enough to do it on his own…

  14. Rescind the tax cuts, tax the corporation, cut off their subsidies, tax the rich, tax the churches, restate regulations. Help break up monopolies.

  15. Awwww…. California isn't getting a train? Shouldn't you straighten out your power grid so people can charge the cars they are being forced to get? Maybe start small… find out how to rectify the fact that your state is constantly on fire…..

  16. If it wasnt for the taxpayer subsidies for EV sales and the government contracts with rocket ships sending things into orbit, the game at TSLA would be quite different right now. However, the more EV's we can get on the road, the better. Let the Middle East countries use their own product en masse.

  17. Globally, Tesla's vehicle deliveries reached a record 935,950 units in 2021 and have been steadily growing year-over-year as of the second quarter of 2022 despite the global automotive semiconductor shortage. In June 2021, Tesla's Model 3 became the first electric car to pass one million global sales. Tesla has a lower over head and do not owe billions in debt thats why they make more Net income than larger competitors and why they evaluate so high. Give them a few more years they will be the largest "car" manufacturer in the world

  18. While I don’t always agree with his political views, he’s got enough money that he doesn’t need a grift. Maybe he doesn’t live up to every single thing he says but he is continually trying to accomplish more and more, and for someone who’s already made their money, that says a lot to me.