Elon Musk NEWS About SpaceX Newest Partnership

Elon Musk NEWS About SpaceX Newest Partnership.

SpaceX is undoubtedly the world’s most revered aerospace company, despite being barely two decades old.
However, the company is not resting on its laurels at all – not even for a second. Join us in today’s video as we discuss the recent developments at SpaceX and the company’s newest partnership with the Pentagon.



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  1. Copying starship is easy but I don't think they can dish out raptor engines like SpaceX. I mean look at blue origin, they promise the before we go extinct engine eons ago. And for sure we have yet to see the BE-4. And speaking of the ULA (Unable to Launch Anything) because they don't have any BE-4 (Before extinction) engine.

  2. Good on you mate, the Biden administration is an absolute clown show of imbeciles, I'm so glad the Pentagon knows what success looks like..!
    Space X. is light years ahead of all these so-called industry leaders, I'm so glad the leadership & old school Common sense within the Pentagon hierarchy as brought space X. Under its wing, Our country and nation is thankful.

  3. SpiceX is Hilarious!!!! "What are the spices Kentucky Fried Chicken Use?" Nope not telling, its one of those SpiceX things.

  4. He's Australian, I hear him say Space X every time, but my ears are accustomed to accents such as his. He's definitely not saying Spice X, that's definitely an A

  5. SpaceX should not partner with pentagon or give them any technology or build anything for them. All they have done the last 70 years, is secretly wage wars, destroy other countries, influence other countries election via the CIA and much more. They should be left to perish so people can finally be free. Mr Elon Musk do not give them anything. Let them perish

  6. I don’t see military to build the rocket, but to modifying it for their own specifications, then to have SpaceX build it.

  7. Spice X?! The shuttle got the US space command up and running. Orbiting battle stations with DEWs and Rods From god. Looks like we won't be able to count on Elon for a Rocket Rescue Of Assange: Belmarsh >Orbital refueling> Secret Landing Base in the jungles near of Chiapas.

  8. isnt it time spacex deliiver us the main reason the project started? We wanted moon answers nasa wouldn't have give us. Is there a base there and are there lil grey men there ?