Elon Musk Tells Jay What He Thinks Of Patents | Watch The Full Ep Wed 10p ET

Elon Musk has a very specific opinion about Patents. Find out what that is right here – and be sure to watch the full episode of Jay Leno’s Garage premieres 9/21 at 10pm ET on CNBC.

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Elon Musk Gives Jay Leno A Tour of SpaceX | Watch The Full Ep Wed 10p ET


  1. I spent 8 years in the Hospital Equipment industry, and we were continually being sued for "Patent Infringement" by people that had come up with something "remotely" resembling our products (and some that were NOWHERE CLOSE)! We never lost but the cost, time, and aggravation was staggering!😠

    We had one situation where someone had designed (and patented) a med gas connector that was "very slightly" different than ours and sold as being "interchangeable". Problem was, if you used ours with ours OR theirs with theirs, they worked fine. If you tried to use theirs with ours, they would lock together and have to be forced apart! Presumably the reverse did the same thing. First time I encountered one (sent back as "Warranty") I sat there at my desk "tickling" one apart with my pocketknife and noticed something. Theirs was visually identical to ours but didn't have OUR logo molded into the plastic part! Some investigation found that theirs varied ever so slightly in a critical dimension. We turned it in to Corporate Legal! I never heard what the outcome was…

  2. Apple are the ultra patents super jerks. The man who invented the automobile seatbelt didn't patent it simply because he was more concerned about saving lives and improving the world. D*ckheads like Tim Cook care about lining his pockets and dodging taxes.

  3. Btw Elon once said the only even possible competition for spacex is governments (like China)overseas and they don’t exactly need to respect patents. Also spacex filing a patent would be basically telling the world how they do things which would be copied instantly.

  4. Please start shipping people asap this may lower the cost of living on earth and fix this sky rocking inflation.

  5. Of course he thinks most patents are BS considering he's worth 275 billion. But to the average joe might not think so as it protects your hard earn work and financial situation for a set period of time against leeches and copy cats.