Fossil fuels are the craziest experiment ever by Elon Musk (Part 3) #shorts #elonmusk #energy #jre

Elon Musk explains how the large scale use of fossil fuels has been the craziest experiment in humanities history.

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Well, the thing that is going on right now is that there is an inherent subsidy in any oil burning device.

Any any power plant or car is fundamentally consuming the carbon capacity of the oceans and atmosphere.

OK, there’s a certain probability of something bad happening past a certain carbon concentration in the atmosphere.

And so there’s some uncertain number where if we put too much carbon in the atmosphere, things overheat.

Oceans warm up, ice caps melt, ocean real estate becomes a lot less valuable.

You know, becuase it’s underwater.

And and but it’s not clear what that number is.

But it’s definitely a scientists role. It’s really quite the scientists.

Scientific consensus is overwhelming.

We have quite a serious climate risk that we’re facing.

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  1. The “what about ism” in the comments is hilarious. Irony is not lost on these folks. Green energy supplies better jobs to more people. Let’s dig up coal and drill oil drive it and float it around the world, refine it, float it and truck it again, than burn it at 1/3rd the efficiency of natural gas and coal power plants …. But lithium for batteries is toxic. Okay boomer. Elon is launching things into space then landing in a way we can’t imagine. He has to be able to asses large scale and small scale problems. He has the capacity to understand such a large complicated problem. Unsurprisingly the comment section here does not. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Where's the ban on private jets and ridiculous, gas guzzling motorcades? Where's the actual, realistic conversation taking place?🤡

  3. They been saying this c ap about oceans etc since I was kid in 60s sure we will destroy ourselves one-way or another

  4. The world is made up of carbon so this is dumb and powerplants run off of natural gases literally electric isnt eco friendly its the same thing just a lot less convenient for automotive purposes also oil refineries are moving over to carbon capture look that up

  5. While Elon is a genus on another level, there are plenty of reasons that the ocean levels rise! It’s happened many times over the history of the planet. And carbon emissions are just one piece of the puzzle!


  7. Whatever dude it's big tech that's ruining our world 😥 u should have thought about it before but it's to late now..

  8. Sorry Elon…Atmospheric carbon levels are at the lowest levels EVER measured. Al Gore claimed by 2013 there would be no ice cap over the North pole and yet, we had more ice there last winter than scientists have measured in decades. Read up on what a grand solar minimum is.

  9. What about all the pollution in the air I think every actress singer songwriter whoever they all have their own private planes forget the commercial flights really but I understand why they fly privately because citizens will not let them be regular people and they are they s*** and pissed us like you and I do. I say this because I've been around stars all my life so they don't impress me not at all.

  10. Methane is the problem almost 1,000,000 times of methane enter the earths atmosphere every year and it comes from being released from the ocean floor

  11. Without the burning of fossil fuel power plants cannot provide power to recharge your car we’re just shifting carbon burning from a car for a power plant nothing really changes government will make less money so they will put higher taxes and higher restrictions on fossil fuel burning vehicles basically fucking a guy who can’t afford to spend $100,000 on electric car

  12. So all the temperature monitors placed throughout the world they use to judge climate were recently exposed for failing to meet "placement" standards. I.E they were faking the data by placing them next to black tops and other heat capturing structures in urban environments🙃

  13. Dont look at cars. Look at ships jets factories. In one day they produce 100 to 1000 times in a day then cars combined.