Elon Musk Exposing NASA – Why Entrepreneurs Do It Better, Cheaper & Faster

In today’s video, Patrick Bet-David discusses the power of capitalism and why private enterprise is far better than government agencies.

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  1. Your not talking facts your just talking claims ….how many missions has space x endeavor?? YOUR JUST A HACK DAVID

  2. space x can use again the rocket/better tech too. on anothet note i have required some dental for so long, but $ very high or difficult to obtain. figure difficult if the person has bad habits with it/most. or they might unjustly be lying to remake $ off me from such rather than being honest/breaking even. in the end a list could be more appropriate and for other areas in respect to delegation rather than marketing. but people go for various attire by the year/no uniform of any practicality. various hair styles/no order. various foods no equality/consistency in fitness, so mostly obese or skinny. hence ? where the gratitude is. always going for an opponent is a foolish way. better mow the grass, go to gym look after some animals, clean the house and be content. rather than always flying all over randomly as if to be some holy day (holiday) going on there. got to all be fit 🤜

  3. A multitude of words emerge from the mouth of a fool. Valutainment owes me money because they sent this smart-boy to waste my precious time.

  4. When you give money to government you still share ownership and power over everything as a constitutional system ensures security. You give money to private corporations and you have nothing but a debt with someone else holding power for their personal agenda and best interest?

  5. Hi, I'm from iran, if it's possible for you share about iran current situation, people now protesting because of death of #mahsa_amini and people of iran need voice, iran government president now is in new York help awareness about this murderer and what's going on in iran currently

  6. Convincing, but we turned over our prison system to private enterprise and no ones beeing released, health conditions awful, what happened there?

  7. Musk brought us a road friendly golf cart powered by coal plants. He coppied NASA, hired ex-NASA but did it cheaper. And he is a genius? He has invented absolutely nothing, but he is a cost cutter..give him that.

  8. Anytime we paint a picture of everything we want to see, we'll always appreciate what we're looking at.

    The problem here is we're not even discussing reality of what capitalism is. We have a misconception and misinterpreted version of reality that's accepted because in this case ignorance works for power. To be ignorant of what capitalism is helps the capitalist agenda, not to be confused with entrepreneurship. The capitalist agenda is simple. To take the capital and capitol for control communities (Human resources)… Entrepreneurship represents . Entre-Pre-Ne-Ur-Ship.

  9. This capitalism has been corrupted by corporations buying and merging into monopolies. It's now operating like a ponzi scheme that they have to print print print money to make it work .all this printing will make the money lose value and eventually this ponzi scheme won't be able to be sustainable much longer .backed by nothing will make it equivalent to monopoly money . Russian rubles backed by gold again . In 10 years rubles value will skyrocket after this silliness of boycotting the Russians is creating a demand for their energy even more. Obviously it's intentional. I'm not that smart but even I can see that .and Majority of America can't entrepreneur like Elon musk. 🍿 🍿 🍿 Enjoy the show 👀 👀

  10. This appears to be great for huge engineering projects and manufacturing, but would the same arguments work for services people use every day, like electric and water-public utilities?

  11. Without NASA there would be no SpaceX or any other private space company, it is that simple. You just observe the end of the line, without look all picture. I am not defending tax increase or that goverment is a good manager, but sometimes you need to invest in something to have long term gains, which is not profit driven. After all, majority technolgoies that we use today were first developed for military purpose, by goverment initial funding….

  12. When you can convince a socialist spending government to pay you to deliver nothing, that’s cold hearted gangsta capitalism. Boeing continues to do it, convincingly.

  13. If all the waste, fraud and abuse were squashed, could you imagine the number of government job losses? Unemployment would skyrocket.