Fossil fuels are the craziest experiment ever by Elon Musk (Part 2) #shorts #elonmusk #energy #jre

Elon Musk explains how the large scale use of fossil fuels has been the craziest experiment in humanities history.

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So why run this crazy experiment where we take trillions of tons of carbon from underground and put it in the atmosphere and oceans?

This is an insane experiment.

It’s the dumbest experiment in human history.

Why are we doing this? It’s crazy.

Do you think this is a product of momentum?

That we started off doing this when it was just a few engines,

a few hundred million gallons of fuel over the whole world,

not that big of a deal.

And then slowly but surely over a century,

it got out of control.

The thing is like oil… Oil, coal, gas

it’s the easy money.


It’s easy money.

Have you heard about clean coal?

The president’s (Trump) been tweeting about it.

It’s got to be real.

CLEAN COAL. All caps. Did you see? He used all caps.



You know, it’s very difficult to put that CO2 back in the ground. It doesn’t like being in solid form.

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  1. Problem is, even the materials used for a battery also comes off the ground and mines. It does a different kind of negative environmental impact.

  2. Elon now says drill baby drill. Renewable can't even come close to supplying even a quarter of our energy needs. The poor will have to choose between food and heat

  3. But what I producing the power for those electric cars and trucks! How are we recycling the batteries is a safe way that does not kill the planet alone? Big picture please.

  4. The 25 years to change the base is based on Elon figures on how long it would take him. If you considered how long it would take our government you would being looking at way more than 25 years. It takes our government decades just to pass a yearly funding bill. Imagine how long it would take as well as how much funding it would have to include for various pet projects that have nothing to do with Electric Vehicles or electric charging stations and every politician fighting to get the money they want for their pet projects and donors. It’s more likely to take an open end funding bill and a 100 years to accomplish

  5. We putting the carbon back where it belongs….
    Electric cars put huge amounts back into the atmosphere…
    Ice caps gona be gone soon

  6. We have the technology for free energy but what would happen to the oil companies. A lot of money. Guys that invented cars that ran off water all died rite when they was going to release their research. That buffalo NY racist shooting the security guard had invinted something. It switched over from gas to hydrogen from a agitator. There was video of it. I don't know bout now. He actually had it installed in his old Ford truck I think it was a Ford anyways but it switched over and rain but this will never get out mainstream and become popular if you're smart you'll know why all you got to do is follow Benjamin Franklin and his little buddies.

  7. He couldn't possibly be biased right? It's not like he's trying to sell you a product or something 🤔🤨
    Don't plants consume carbon?

  8. Batteries = horrible for the environment. hard to dispose of. It takes so much energy to Melt Rock to get the lithium. It takes more energy to make an electric car then it does to make a gas car then you still have to burn fossil fuels to charge them. 👎🏻

  9. Problem is Lithium is needed to make batteries that power the cars. It also takes massive amounts of fossil fuel energy to create electricity to charge those batteries.
    This world is fine and we can continue to use oil as we have been doing without this greenazz nonsense.
    It is inevitable that we will be using oil for the next century or more.
    Why should the developed world, the USA, have to give up its place as number one in order to allow China and India and Africa to pollute to their hearts content.
    We need a more equitable system the world can benefit from

  10. What Elon doesn't tell you is that building the components for the electric cars creates 200 times more carbon into the atmosphere than building and driving a fossil fueled car for it's lifetime. They also can not be built without all of the components mined in and purchased from China.
    The mining for the magnets, the lithium, and all of the rare minerals used in electric cars, phones, batteries, etc…
    Then, how do you charge them?
    Where does the electricity come from?
    So how "green" are electric cars?
    Fact… 200 times less than cars that run on gas.
    Research for Yourself!!!
    Also, the "Greenest" our planet has Ever been, is at the highest point of CO2 concentration.
    Plants intake CO2 and process it as fuel. They release oxygen as a result. They need the Carbon to thrive.
    You are all being bullshitted by this climate change hysteria intentionally so these very rich fuckers can take more from humanity. It is a wealth heist and their way of wiping out The People.
    We The People

  11. This is one of the only ideas that I disagree on. Where are we going get the energy needed to power all of those cars? Further more, CO2 levels have been much higher many times. Plant life optimal grow ppm is 800-1200. We are currently sitting at 450 ppm.

  12. Hydrogen browns gas is the most sustainable, Most clean, most powerful and the only waste is clean water as a result. Hydrogen is the best green energy, you can still have combustion engine that are even stronger and there's an unlimited supply, you can actually suck your car to hydrogen power and it will run even better. Nobody is talking about it because of corruption!! Everyone did be learning about hydrogen energy and it's totally clean!

  13. And the Lithium used in those batteries is mined with massive trucks that burn 11,000 gallons of diesel each per day, and how do we charge those batteries? With fossil fuels! Electric is NOT better

  14. I would respect Elon musk more if he would be transparent that it takes an enormous amount of fossil fuel to get the raw materials out of the ground to manufacture his batteries along with over 80% of electricity generated is from fossil fuels, even coal!

    We are the Saudi’s Arabia of natural gas, it has very low environmental impacts and yet idiots in America are prohibiting new drill leases to get it out of the earth for us!

  15. Ask a real scientist how much carbon the planet processes out of the water and air every year versus how much is naturally put into the air and water. Then ask how large is the human contribution compared to that amount… Then realize you have been lied to and manipulated about everything….

  16. Nothing drives innovation like necessity. We will figure it out…but first we need to rid the world of Globalists and Communists. Much much bigger threat to humanity and our planet.

  17. Bullshit….every time someone comes with a viable plan for clean, renewable energy directly pulled from natural sources that person is killed….period…the only reason we don't have successful clean energy on a large scale is because those in power don't want it….


  19. Elon Musk is a once-in-a-thousand-years man, everything he touches has a fundamental change to that industry. Neural link, Robots, E-cars, Rockets, telecom, boring tunnel. What am I missing? If he says we need to change, we need to change.