There are NO HUMANS at YouTube & Twitter (Elon Musk was right)

Why YouTube creator support CANNOT HELP YOU: YouTube’s Twitter and creator support chat is run by the same useless bot, here’s proof. Elon Musk was right. Share with #YouTubeisaBOT

Subscribers have reported YouTube does not notify even with the bell enabled. New uploads will also be announced on twitter, so please follow:

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  1. Instead of trying to fight with big tech to make them a good service, have you considered using alternatives services? Posting to Odysee as a backup to YouTube? Opening a Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter? Opening a Matrix as a backup to Discord?

  2. That's insane, this is like proper dystopian now. The big soulless companies that rule the world do not care for humans. They optimise for money, so get robots to replace humans.
    Never thought this problem of bots taking over the world would come so soon. And insane how convincing that sprinklr is? All those messages and tweets were 100% by the ai? Especially amazed at the twitter one of "hello to low follower twitter users" or whatever it was

  3. Great video. Do you plan on making more content about bots? Especially the ones on messaging platforms and forums (GPT-3 etc), perhaps even about the Dead Internet Theory itself?

    Anyone sane can see that the world itself is.. Less human by the day, be it on the internet or in person.

  4. I believe that people on top of Google are AI themselves, not bc they are programs, but bc they completely lost their touch on reality…. Inhumane waste of beings

  5. Man, this sprinklr thing would be great in conjunction with human support. You could have a smaller team of humans, specialized in certain areas, and the bot routes every problem it cant solve with infolinks to a guy who already knows what you want, cause the bot only gives him this one kind of problem.

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  7. the most shadowbanned account i am subbed to. I stopped getting everything Overlord Gaming related in my subs/reccomended now i gotta search manually. You guys know at what point the channel got shadowbanned and how it affected ya'll?

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  9. I uploaded a video, and it instantly was age gated after it finished uploading. It said "confirmed by manual review". I reuploaded it and same thing.
    I really doubt anyone manually reviewed them 0.2 seconds after it was uploaded.

  10. A great video yet again, i'm glad you're still posting since your content is always golden.

    Whatever you end up talking about, it gets me hooked and it's always informative. Always awesome work.

  11. I wish Elon could buy YouTube and make it better, unbiased and good for the small channels. But I think it's too expensive, even for him.

  12. Wow, this really does explain so much…

    Unless you're an absurdly large content creator (or wealthy individual), you practically have zero form of help when attempting to contact any of these major companies. Being a normal consumer is like living as livestock.

    For my incident: My whole "channel" got shot down before it even started because of an adsense clickbomb by a former friend. I didn't know how to report things like that (until I accidentally stumbled onto the article 3 years later), and my AdSense account was disabled with no recourse. Even trying to appeal a decade later results in the same bot response denial. (Saying this event ruined my future isn't actually too far off the mark, as I've never had employment since, and now getting into the 'content creator' business is practically impossible today.)

    How many years until governments do something about this? If they ever do?

  13. at this point, you'd have to go to youtube hq in person to resolve any issue.
    the last time anyone got desperate enough to try it though, it ended in 4 injured and 1 dead.

  14. If you are a Microsoft business customer, you get a team of Indians to talk to. Usually they call back within an hour. It's not great, but acceptable. Is it really impossible to get a Youtube customer rep even if you are a major creator?

  15. Nothing wrong with an automated "have you tried turning it on and off again?" as long as thats not all the customer support your company provides.

  16. My sister had issues disabling safe mode from windows 11 (kept getting errors, tried every troubleshooting method listed on the official pages, leaving her with no option but to contact customer support), which prevented her from doing a lot of important work she just simply could not afford to delay or else it would cost her business an insane amount of money. When she contacted cutomer support all she got were the same troubleshooting methods regurgitated by bots. She NEVER got in contact with a human no matter how hard she tried. I had to let her borrow my crappy outdated laptop so she could continue working. To this day she has yet to find the solution to fix the problem with her pc. Safe mode wouldn't even let her run programs she specifically made to help her with her work. It's all bullshit.

  17. I think bots can be useful for massive websites that need to care about hundreds of millions of people (that usually have simple and redundant complaints, often don't read FAQ and speak in all languages), just as long as they are advertised as such and are used as a front end to a big costumer care division

  18. There are hardly any real humans left on the planet, the majority are just mindless robots doing exactly as they are programmed to do

  19. Elon musk should know all about bots, he helped create paypal and they have maybe 10 employees. Hope your back to making videos overlord love ya