Elon Musk and Apple's New Partnership Is A Game-Changer!

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⚠️ Elon Musk SLAMS The Wall Street Tesla-Haters


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  1. Frankly I think musk should go out a loan on the new phone too many chiefs won’t work look at the problem with Tesla and Twitter an idea is totally a mess

  2. Absolute hogwash! Apple would hold Elon back. Elon’s rate of innovations runs 10X faster than Apples ever has. Elon is light years ahead of everyone on self driving cars software and has 3 million cars on the road he’s currently using to further develop that software. Apple and the other OEM’s will never catch up.

  3. This is Liar, Tesal later will devalope his own Tesal cell Phone to compete Apple, Tesal will win all the condition!!!

  4. This is noneense. There is no Apple Tesla partnership in the works. Most of the random wanderings in this video and this channel have no connection to reality. It's probably randomly generated with a language model such as GPT-3.