Elon Musk Just Revealed New Hydrogen Car Which Stuns The Entire Industry

Tesla Model Y got converted into a hydrogen car showing off in Germany, and the primary objective behind the conversion was to showcase the green hydrogen value. The crossover was also known as the hyper hybrid, and Tesla, the most popular electric vehicle worldwide, uses them to become advantageous.
It is known that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, was an advocate against hydrogen, and it was all because of its lack of efficiency compared to other battery-powered EVs. Model Y, unmodified configuration, is one of the most highly efficient electric vehicles worldwide. However, after converting to the hydrogen vehicle, it became less efficient and is not that good for the environment.
According to some reports, Germany’s Federal Research Minister revealed that the hydrogen-powered Tesla Model Y is powered by synthetic methanol derived from green hydrogen. The end objective was to promote and produce the most efficient and eco-friendly vehicle possible.
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  1. TOTAL BS FAKE NEWS!!!! Tesla and Musk have nothing to do with this demonstration project. This was done by OBRIST Group, an Austrian technology company.

  2. Hydrogen us the future. Clean, zero emissions and we can make our own hydrogen fuel.

    US Govt not gonna like that!

  3. There are no comments here. Yellow hydrogen from genetically modified lemons? That was in there… did you guys hear that? crazy shit.

    There’s an old legal premise:
    If one things wrong, probably many things are false. How do we know that a majority of these statements are not completely generated?

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