The Time Elon Musk Couldn't Afford a Mechanic


  1. Yet I see far more BMW's on the streets than I do Tesla's .. so tell me.. how is his automotive company worth 500% more than BMW?

    I smell a fish.

  2. First thing i'm going to do with a time machine is to go back in time and throw his crib with him inside out of his window

  3. BMW group makes much more money than Tesla, they're sold almost everywhere in the world, and its cars are actual luxury cars unlike Tesla.

  4. Errr Elon is rich before being successful. His North American and South African families are not poor by any means ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Lies. FORD is the only company who Hasn't gone under in debt. Not to mention tesla hasn't came close to selling the amount ford has sold. Regardless how much he thinks he's worth he hasn't sold shit to make a accurate comparison