Why Joe Biden HATES Elon Musk

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In the summer of 2021 President Joe Biden held an electric vehicle industry event at the white house. In attendance were the CEOs of Ford, GM, and Stellantis. Notably absent we Tesla CEO Elon Musk, despite the fact that Tesla is the largest American producer of electric cars by far. In this video we’ll look at why Joe Biden is giving Musk the cold shoulder and what this means for Tesla going forward.

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3:02 – 4:13 Biden Snubs Musk
4:14 – 5:44 Unions
5:45 – 6:30 Ford vs Tesla Salaries
6:31 – 7:45 UAW Corruption
7:46 – 8:52 Biden’s Support of UAW
8:53 Implications for Tesla

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  1. Tesla got fined 29 times more for labor treatment violations compare to other automakers. Only look at pay is problematic. If you run a company without compliance to labor standards you obviously can pay more. Also Tesla factories are in more expensive states so the higher pay doesn’t mean much after adjusting for inflation. The research behind this video is very Tesla biased.

  2. This clearly is a love fest for Elon Musk. A hate fest for unions. What this piece failed to describe the discrimination on the Tesla plants and the troubles Musk faced within the Tesla Board. If you're going to do a video at least be objective and leave the Maga talking points out of it.
    Wayne Parcheman
    CEO of Quantum Stereo

  3. "Do you think the sitting president, duly elected or otherwise, will play fairly and not simply do the most obviously corrupt and self serving horseshit that only benefits them and maybe 6 other individuals? Do you think the elected officials of this or any country will stop shitting into our wide open mouths? Will the sky stay blue? THIS JUST IN BEARS ARE SHITTING IN THE WOODS"

  4. I don't like musk and i think he is an opportunist, but the fact that he is attacking Biden is not a good sign for biden because musk can sniff an opportunity in attacking him.

  5. Why does Joe Biden strongly support the UAW? Bribery scandals… I heard there were bribes and I came RIGHT away.

  6. Lmaooooooooo Tesla’s factory is in Fremont, CA where McDonald’s also pats $25 an hour. Cost of living is SIGNIFICANTLY more there than anywhere Ford has a factory

  7. Very interesting and allows me to see this situation very differently. Thank you. I’m disappointed in Biden for this decision.

  8. Because Musk is not falling in line with 'The message'. Lobbyists hate Musk because he is not lining their pockets, therefor Biden can't support Tesla because he is a said 'Wet sock puppet'

  9. Love all of the talk about corrupt unions but nothing about corrupt corporate bosses and the govt they own.

  10. One thing missing is that COL is very different in California vs Detroit so it might end up being that 20/hr is better than 24/hr

  11. Workers unions are like cults, The best way to understand this is the Australian Workers and Dockers union (a long running organisation), They were effectively operating as the mafia

  12. The sole purpose of a union is to make sure all business is eventually driven to cheaper labor countries while paying extravagant wages to executives of the union. I'm sure there are better unions but the one that's popular in my field is a huge scam and basically a tax for idiots

  13. The good thing is This country has term limits And Biden has 2 more years So the pain is only temporarily

  14. A discussion of the good & evil of unions versus the good & evil they exist to curtail is the stuff that books the length of War and Peace are made of. And naturally (for now) Democrats would be in favor of anything that could result in higher wages – meaning anything that creates higher taxes for government to reassign as they see fit. That's not a big swing at the Democrats; I could do much worse. 😉 It's just a fact. A more utopian world requires more available wealth to spend. Wealth in the hands of a mega organization that can make it happen – national governments (or one megalithic international government).

    EVs are going to be financially incentivized in many ways regardless of Musk, unions or even the current administration. But another larger goal, "global economic equalization", the biggest new progressive social hope for the future, means that western unions and things like the EU worker protection laws ultimately lose. A standard of living kept artificially high through work actions and government actions, now including the currently popular higher US minimum wage and UBI, are the antithesis of the 40-50% decrease in western lifestyle that driving down global poverty requires.

    I believe that the lure of making an unprecedented change to all of society at a global level greatly outweighs higher minimum wages, the ability for labor to control its destiny, worker protection laws and the fossil fuel issue. As a long-game goal, changing the socioeconomic ills of the world is what being progressive means. Nothing can top that.

    The conservatives? US Republicans? They're not even in the conversation. President Biden's verbal gaffe about Republicans not even being around in another decade wasn't a Freudian slip or wishful thinking. He just revealed a piece of the ongoing successful plan that wasn't supposed to be made public yet. While I don't think conservatism is dead, it has much need for change before it can balance out the current deep swing to the left represented by talk of democratic socialism, using bigotry to battle bigotry and ignoring more and more of the Constitution millions of Americans have died protecting. We don't need extremist left wing radicals, nor right wing extremists who think everything pre-1965 was nirvana. We need leadership that can keep the pendulum closer to mid-swing for a lot longer, so we can work on being better, not less tolerant of everyone and everything.

    BTW- why is E Warren babbling about how bad something is that she and the Democratic Party have complete control over? Why is she making it sound like there's some mysterious power preventing Democrats from solving the problem she's whining about? Want more taxes from the wealthy? Close the gaping wealthy class tax forgiveness on inherited stock gains. Do it now. Hello?

  15. Tesla took a Chinese investment for that factory that never produced anything. Never forget. Yes it was a labor meeting not an EV meeting but watch this edge lord go nuts on Twitter with his angry thumbs

  16. I mean Elon calls himself the founder of Tesla while not being a founder at all. Calls himself the founder of PayPal…same deal as the Tesla thing. He is anti union and works his workers to the bone in a toxic and unsafe workplace. There’s a reason.