Elon Musk mocks old haters

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  2. I never knew he open-sourced his patents thats insane. Like I never thought he was super grubby like the other big companies and was going to keep everything on lock-down per say but I thought he'd milk the profits and then sell off the company when it was just a little past its prime. He essentially built it up right before its prime and then let other companies copy his hard as hell homework. Whats crazy about that too is (and these are his words), he is the engineer. He's not the buisness guy. He IS the one who put the blood sweat and hours into making the nitty gritty of this stuff work. And he seriously just did it because thats the sort of society he wants to live in, even if he's not always on the front lines of it. He's just too ADD to let something go un-done if no one is trying it lmao.

    Its like the most altruistic thing ever. Hes literally saying (which he also said about the Boring Co.) "I just wanted a job done and no one else would do it because it was too hard to start, so I started it, and now everyone is on-board and I can sit down".
    Elon Musk is a literal catalyst for the the future and hes such a cool guy beneath all that.
    Its unreal.

  3. Hey Elon, check out the lyrics from Eminems song Legacy …"….the best part about it is I'm not you, I'm me and I'm the fire marshal…. all those haters jst mad bcz they just arent as smart or as hardworking….and even if u lost all ur $, u'd still be smart….and for some ppl, thats sexier than $ will ever be! Plant a diamond or dollar bill in the ground and hope it grows food for u instead of soiled cotton and geology thats great for coating ur cooking utensils!

  4. But I don't know if car companies are going electric because of Elon Musk, they all had electric cars or hybrids well before Tesla but thing is Europe has a plan to cut down to zero emissions by 2050, which means european cars ( which everybody buys besides japanese ones ) will have to adapt. It makes more sense that Volkswagen wants to go electric because of that and not because of Tesla.

  5. I love Elon Musk and his mindset of pushing the boundary of humanity's capabilities, but for him to "really think" that there will be a driving Tesla motorvehicle on Mars shows how devoid from base reality he is.

  6. For good or not, this is the future leader prototype. At least this one shows his sense of humour.

  7. I wish I could afford one, also wish he would build a truck with a 500 mile range. The longer they stay in the game the more they will change the world.

  8. Ooooo I can make cards for rich people and get the gov to pay for most of it, and claim it is "green". When it isn't. Win win win.. Lol idiocy

  9. Fair play to him, it's no coincidence the shared idea that fossil fuels are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

  10. ELON! As soon as that electric truck drops I'm trading my truck in. Sad to say that but I know the T Truck is going to beat mine.

  11. He still has some tiny problems with speech, I think its because hes trying to explain to fast. I am croatian by the way :D.