Elon Musk REVEALS A Killer Asteroid Zooming To Earth!

Elon Musk REVEALS A Killer Asteroid Zooming To Earth!

What to expect from the DART asteroid deflector mission by NASA? A plan to defend Earth against asteroids will soon undergo its first test by NASA. As part of a planetary defense test, a NASA spacecraft known as DART is going to purposefully collide with an asteroid. Although this space rock is not a concern, the information we gather from the mission may be useful if an asteroid were to ever approach us. How big is this? Letโ€™s find out while Elon Musk will update us all!

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In 2017, astronomers predicted that Japan might be struck by an asteroid the size of a cruise ship within the next ten years.

At the annual planetary defense meeting in Tokyo, scientists and government representatives from NASA and other space agencies quickly came up with a plan to divert the asteroid from its course toward Earth. A fleet of robotic spacecraft that would launch in the following few years would determine the fate of the island.

The international space agencies came together in 2020 and launched four ships in the direction of the dangerous space rock. The so-called kinetic impactor ships made direct contact with their objectives. Japan’s cities and neighborhoods were spared total destruction, saving the country from a monumental evacuation effort.

None of these things actually occurred. It was a simulation, similar to the frequent tabletop role-playing games that officials engage in. And at these drills, deflecting an asteroid from outer space on its approach to a disastrous collision with Earth has emerged as the preferred option for safeguarding the planet. However, nobody is certain if the method will actually be effective. No attempt has ever been made by humans to deflect an asteroid from our planet.

According to Musk, the 28,000 nearest asteroids that NASA monitors do not yet constitute a threat to Earth. However, as asteroids are discovered by astronomers on average every year, it’s possible that we’ll one day discover one bearing our name. We’re not simply sitting ducks, though, thanks to the planned DART attempt to divert a harmless asteroid.

Don’t Look Up, a recent Netflix movie, presented as a parable for the denial of climate change while also serving as a warning about the potential dangers of impending asteroids. Ask the dinosaurs, please. The president launches a mission to use nuclear weapons to destroy the asteroid during the movie, which is typical of how Hollywood handles such situations. Scientists have demonstrated that nuclear weapons may be able to destroy dangerous asteroids in the real world, but a small fragment of the debris may still strike the Earth.

NASA is imagining a more sophisticated methodโ€”one that leans a little more toward Jiu-Jitsuโ€”instead of this bare-knuckle boxing strategy. NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office would attempt to alter an asteroid’s orbital course and redirect it away from the Earth’s path rather than slam it to pieces.

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    Remember reading that at laboratory level such tractor beams working model has been created.

    This needs to be scaled up to make it usable in Space to capture such asteroids whatever it's size.

    Who knows what new elements and/Or metals we can find?๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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