Elon Musk Did This To A Tesla! – REACTION #shorts

Elon Musk hit a tesla with what?!

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Sarah Carvalho:

Tori Melbourne:



  1. Shouldn’t have used, what appears to be, a metal sphere. All that mass is guaranteed to connect on the tiniest little bit of surface area that contacts the glass. Basically it was like hitting the glass with an ice pick.

  2. What the hell is this? Why must YouTube keep shoving hot garbage in my face when i just want to see actually funny people or animals?

  3. If you've seen the original video you'll know Elon handled the situation very well. He responded like someone who was in charge of the situation and himself. It was a lesson to us all on how to cope with potentially embarrassing events

  4. They had been hitting the window for hours before this, they sledge hammered the door before this clip which cracked the bottom of the glass inside the door which then negatively impacted the integrity of the glass. They found this out later when investigating why it broke 🤣 only happen to Elon.

  5. This shows how young the people on here are because this happened like 2 years ago now and these kids are thinking it just happened

  6. He was clearly surprised and slightly embarrassed, that shows that he tested that 10 thousand times and it didn't break

  7. 1. You have an extremely shitty attitude
    2. That ball would've easy broken and gone through a normal car window