The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative

The NEW Polestar 2 NOW a legit Tesla Model 3 alternative

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  1. Interesting to hear, and read comments and experians, trying to make a fair picture, I have been interested in electric viecles for many years – Volvo or Tesla – well Tesla is driving the whole changes to EVs, the others are trying to stay "in buisseness".
    But I hope Volvo and the other makers really try to do good EVs, because it is better to have options. 😎👍

  2. the upgrades does not change that PS2 is a solid EV. the only downside compared with TM3 is the consumption. If you follow Tesla Bjørn, then you would know that Volvo and polestar are working hard on upgrades.
    But PS2 looks so nice in real life.

  3. The Polestar is a decent EV, but it’s nowhere near a Tesla competitor. Tesla will sell 650-700,000 Model 3’s this year. Polestar will sell maybe 25,000 units if they’re lucky. A 3% market share compared to your main rival is not even close to Tesla.

  4. I agree that you have to add the packs to compare it like for like. However, one important thing is that you can choose to NOT get them to get the car cheaper. You can't choose to remove Autopilot on Model 3. Many would perhaps argue that they wouldn't want to remove that, and that's fair, but the important thing is that it gives more options and allows the car to come down in price which makes it more affordable and easier to obtain for people

  5. You know how I feel about polestar, over the last 2 years polestar 2 is amazing . Why are they so slow in rapid production?.

  6. Delivery dates becoming a problem in Germany. New orders today are now promised for December. 6 weeks ago, you could order and get one by July. The 2022 is still being produced for many orders here (mine included). They had a 1 month break on orders in April. The price is an absolute bargain though. The "small" battery (69 kWh), standard range is actually priced below a small battery Ioniq 5 (58 kWh) here. The standard equipment level is second only to Tesla. The simplicity of the options list is also second only to Tesla. And they sell completely online (like Tesla) but benefit from Volvo dealer networks for service (possibly better than Tesla). But they are competing with lots of stuff below Tesla as well if you think about it. The single motor standard range puts the hurt on ID3's and ID4's and tons of other stuff. The dual motor, 78 kWh, non-performance car is noticeably better handling than a Tesla DM non-performance, and about as quick. It is way cheaper though.
    And 1500kg towing. And a hatchback proper rather than a normal boot. The PS2 is a very attractive option at the moment. If you can get hold of one.

  7. the 2022 has always had a heat pump all they are doing is changing how its optimized you get a 7500 credit and a 2 year unlimited 30 min charge sessions from electrify America

  8. The Polestar 2 was my rental for my Tesla at body shop. It was terrible compatibly

  9. Polestar 3 is the real game changer. If you can wait, postpone your EV purchase.

  10. I am a little surprised that only NOW the heat pump is available and only as an option! As for efficiency & range…. I'm not convinced until I see that real life on the road tests. As the current Volvo EV's have dreadful efficiency and cost way too much.

  11. Geely is a huge and powerful company. I expect later Polestar products to be tremendous. The combination of Swedish design excellence and Chinese production will give them a unique combination. Sweden only has 7 million people, but punches way above what their population figures would lead you to believe. It's that Viking spirit! I can rattle of dozens of Swedish products; lived in Brasil for years, and can't think of uniquely brasilian product… Brasil has 200 million people…

  12. The current Polestar 2 with the plus pack has heat pump. I think it was available since they came out. Nothing new. Tesla were not one of the first, they were late with heat pump on their cars. Renault Zoe had heat pump as standard since 2013, for example.

  13. I see a lot of them here in Sweden, they are easy to spot from behind with the easy to recognize back lights. Seems to be a really nice car. If I bought one it would not feel complete whitout the pack 1 and 2.

  14. You have to buy the pilot pack to get blind spot monitoring standard! That’s ridiculous! Cramped in the rear seats. The Model 3 is roomier in the rear. In my opinion, more wind noise than Tesla at highway speeds. Great linear feeling acceleration and love the screens.

  15. Here in Qld Australia, we've made the jump to an EV purchase. We test drove the Tesla M3, Polestar & Volvo XC40 Recharge. All great cars & Tesla's case was compelling, but we went with the Volvo. What a car! Expensive, but the build quality in the demo was 1st class, the features incredible, plus in our own way we wanted to support Volvo in their aims for EV technology, sustainability & end to end raw material sourcing & responsibility. It's going to be at least 6 months but worth it. You have to drive one of these Sam, it's a rocket in the dual motor configuration!!!

  16. The editing on this video was not up to your normal standards. You must have been in a hurry. Good info.

  17. You keep on coming up with these EV prices, along with tax credits etc.. There is not one dealer that's selling one (if they have one that is) at the MSRP. All are adding on average $10,000 over the MSRP.

  18. I have a long range and I get 460-480 km lol . Teslas claimed range is over rated

  19. Who's cutting up your videos? I've noticed your last few videos are leaving in more speaking errors.

  20. That's great….I want others to succeed but the key is VOLUME production.

  21. Have test driven base M3 and P2 within a week of each other. If P2 was RWD and had power like base M3, it's P2 all the way. P2 just looks and feels more premium/expensive and i like the hatch. Ok, so it's not bespoke BEV………as it is………still give it to P2, just. Still has good power. If you can stretch budget to P2 dual motor…………

  22. Polestar is Chinese. I won’t support anything from China. We learn that doing business with Russia is a mistake and China is no different than Russia.

  23. I will not consider a polestar in the U.S. due to its limit of 150 KW charging speed, the lack of lots of fast 200+ KW non-Tesla DC fast chargers in the US…(and 20% of these are broken at any one time), as well as the dire lack of polestar service centers in my area. Hopefully they will fix the charging speed and service…and maybe Tesla will eventually open up its charging network. Then the polestar would be considerable.
    Until then Tesla is really the only game in the US.

  24. Yeah polestar looks like a 📦 on 🛞’s not very appealing but hey I am sure they are many that love the way it looks. The software in the Tesla is miles ahead of its nearest competitor. I love the sound system in the MYP. The way it moves and it’s a very attractive suv that doesn’t feel like an suv. I am sure competitors will try to copy as much as possible from Tesla for years to come.

  25. Polestar 3 is the beginning of Polestar because it'll be on the SPA2 platform that Volvo has now developed to be EV only. It's also the first styled by Polestar and not Volvo. The Polestar 2 still is on a shared with hybrid car platform and I think for the platform it's on, it has really decent efficiency. Plus the Volvo Concept 40.2 (the actual car that is almost 95 percent the Polestar 2) wasn't designed to be but so aerodynamic or efficient. It's very solid, great Polestar suspension, and if you're into this type of firm-feeling Euro sedan then go for it. I love sedans and don't like crossovers so this is fine. I think the air filter is something that's been in Volvos since I can remember but I remember they may have even been in Saab first in the 1970s. This is the latest version of it.

  26. Stàndard model after rebate is $61k NZ. Nearly 500km range. Way better looking than a 3. Its so so almost worth it.

  27. I have a 2022 Polestar 2 Performance. It has a heat pump. The range is 250 miles but that's never been an issue – I would never drive more than 200 miles without taking a break. The auto pilot isn't great and I don't use it (it's really meh). I bought a Polestar because I could pick it up within a week of ordering and everything else was several months of wait. I have no regrets.

  28. Not a bad car but range/efficiency could be much better and didn’t care for UI/center console. Considered one shortly and placed order for model 3.

  29. If you’re spending anywhere near 50k you better get the Tesla. Why buy a brand that’s going to crash in re sale value!

  30. How's their fast charging network rollout going? … Oh wait they don't have one.

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