Tesla Timeout #18 – Atlas Screen Mount for Model 3 and Y

May 5 2022 – The EV Revolution Show

My thanks to Matt from for sending me the new Atlas Screen Mount for my Model 3.

This mount allows the screen to swivel freely left or right as well as pitch adjust forward and back.  The mount lowers the screen 1.6 inches and allows left/right swiveling to position the screen exactly where you like it. It is also pitch angle adjustable to your preference. It is a true 2 axis adjustable mount! This is a one of a kind product on the market.

This is a CNC machined billet aluminum mount that was designed and is 100% manufactured in the USA. Matt runs a small family owned and operated company using other small family owned companies to supply their materials.

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Installation Video:

In Depth Video:

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  1. TTTT I always tentatively assumed that Tesla didn't make the screen moveable because it just would create more failure points, and for uncertain benefits. I have no experience with a Tesla, so can't speak from experience. But the idea of a screen with a cable that can wiggle around just looks worrisome to me TBBH. The strain relief probably helps a lot but doesn't eliminate all the cable motion. I don't think I would go for it. OTOH I was hearing that Tesla is now moving toward providing this capability themselves, so I have to keep an open mind.

    But not so open as to let my brains fall out.

  2. I understand why you want to do this, but not too impressive that you have to do it to such a new, expensive car.