11 useful tips to make driving your Tesla model 3 just that much better! | 3 of 3

This is video 3 of 3 of the Tesla Model 3 useful tips series. Here is what is included in this video:

00:10 – “Ho HO HO”
00:47 – Seat Presets/Easy Entry
03:50 – Auto Park
05:00 – USB Hub
06:17 – Voice Commands
07:32 – Car Seat Mode
08:11 – Don’t Let Your Kids Escape
08:47 – Free Your Charger
09:32 – Save Sentry Mode Videos
11:30 – Yo I’m Here!
12:10 – Max Speed In Auto Pilot

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    Thank you all who pointed that out and shared advice on just taking off coats before putting kids in. When I put her in she had a big thick coat and then took it off and I didn't adjust the seat belt. You all rock!!!!

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  2. Elton just said lower your tire pressure 10% for a smoother ride. Anyone doing this? I’m at 42, so going to lower my tire pressure to 38 and see how it goes.

  3. By the way I have the basic standard range plus and there are those phone jacks for the backseat below the AC vents I believe they put those in every vehicle now

  4. Bro, do you even know your wife? 4 foot three was it a set up marriage? Just having a little fun.haha thanks for the video but when you said it I was like dang little people big world👍

  5. Enjoy the videos. No disrespect intended at all, but did you say your wife is 4’3”?

  6. Your Terminator morph needs to be faster. At first I thought it was a commentary on the Ho Ho Ho song, but later it got mildly terrifying. Like you're having a brief stroke. Maybe you should get a doctor to look at that? 🙂

  7. man, i love your useful tips, but do you do one for the MS or MX? or do you know who does? Mostly the screen stuff, but other stuff too.

  8. I have been binge watching your videos, my dad just got a Tesla and I’m learning him things that I’m learning from you. Keep it up! 👍🏼

  9. Am I the only one concerned about the way the kid is attached in her carseat? 😔

  10. One thing to note about using Easy Entry, if you have it to put your seat all the way back and the rear seats are folded down, your seat will crunch the headrest on the rear folded seat. This will leave fold marks in that headrest which will that several days before they stretch back out.

  11. I don't think you're right about the autopilot max speed. I tested this on a definitely split local road, and it still won't let me go more than 5 over the speed limit. It does just seem to be the freeway/non-freeway difference to me. I hope this limit will get removed because there are a few places around here where the speed limit is 35 but people rarely drive less than 45, so using autopilot makes me a hazard since I'd be much slower than other traffic.

    For reference, my car does not have FSD, only regular autopilot.

  12. #11 answered a question I was going to ask in the Tesla Forums. I thought my Model 3 was obeying speed limit signs in AP, something it's not supposed to be able to do yet, but it wasn't consistent. There's a segment of my work commute where the highway divider disappears and the speed limit drops to 45. The car automatically dropped speed and accelerated again when the speed limit went back up to 55 and the highway divided again. Now it makes sense. Thanks!

  13. Great videos. Liking the channel. Just wondering if you are going to review the 3 car seats. How easy to use as I also have 3 kids in car seats

  14. Just wondering as you have the white interior with baby car seats, does the weight of the car seat cause any visible marks or indentations? My son is 4 so I will need to use a booster seat but was wondering if I should buy a white towel to place on top of the white interior and below the booster seat.

  15. Great video. I always wondered why I could not increase the mph on certain streets!!!

  16. Hey CF. #9 is not Sentry mode. That’s actually the dash cam feature and the dash cam icon. Sentry mode is only when parked and the icon is like an eye.enjoying your videos!

  17. Your scene to scene transition is very disturbing and distracting. Please consider something else more conventional. Thanks!

  18. Hi, great informative video, thanks.
    I’ll have a long range Model 3 in a couple of months. The car I have at the moment dips the side mirrors when you put it in reverse so you can see the ground better when you’re parking. Does the Model 3 do that too?

  19. Great video and useful tips we take delivery of our model 3 this Saturday!…….

    We have 3 kids how is the back seat for your kids? I could only see 2 car seats do you have a third car seat back there?

  20. You definitely deserve more subs
    Hope that your channel grows quick
    I subbed too

  21. Thanks for posting. I'm learning something new each time, even though I have 15,000 km on my M3

  22. Your videos are great! I recently took delivery and there are so many things about the car that I wasn't aware of, scary sometimes actually 🙂