Taking Delivery of 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance!

Delivery Day of my 2022 Tesla Model 3!
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“2022 Tesla Model 3 Delivery Day”
“2022 Tesla Model 3 Delivery Day”
“2022 Tesla Model 3 Delivery Day”


  1. I’m in Australia and I’ve got a 9-12 month wait for my model 3 performance silver with black interior. So excited but dreading this wait time

  2. I have a estimated delivery date of 6/9-7/14 M3P in white same car. So, we will see! I’m super excited, helpful video.

  3. I ordered mine the same exact day you did and my delivery date changed further out and then back to its original. Hasn’t moved for weeks now. Guess I should have spent more money on the performance model I only updated the seats to white on mine.

    I wonder if going through Tesla financing sped it up. I am going through my own bank. Also I am in Nevada so Idk. Factory should be fairly close though:) who knows, the wait continues. Beautiful car bro, congrats.

  4. I'd ask to ride along for a launch but I've seen you crash your dirt bike WAY too many times… (I'm just busting your chops in a joking manner)

  5. Lol I have a 5/8-5/12 Estimated Delivery Date for my M3P in Black and can’t stop checking my phone! Congrats