2020 Tesla Model 3 LR with Acceleration Boost vs 2014 Mustang Shelby 1/4 mile

it’s a new drag racing season for me. Here the result of one of my race with my new tires Michelin Pilot 4. So far i love my results, i did a lot of great races tonight. This one with 11.526 sec @ 116.27 mph was really not bad.


  1. Hey, you were supposed to wait until at least summer to break my "world record"! Haha
    That is quick! What was the temperature?
    All you changed are the tires? Did you ever feel the stock tires slipping? I never felt them slip but…

  2. Les temps ne sont pas bon a sanair les vendredi. J’ai rouler 11.40 a 118 mph tandis ce que mon Dragy me donnais 11,79 a 118 mhp, serais bon de spécifier

  3. I had a question. So I have the stock 18in aero wheels all season on my Tesla which weigh about 23lbs each. I’m looking to get the T Sportline wheels which are 235 in the front and 275 rears and get the summer performance tires with 20in rims but they will weigh about 28lbs each which will make it like 20lbs heavier in total. Will this make a difference in the speed because of the weight or will the 20in grip better and go faster? So basically I’m asking which wheels will make the car perform better with speed like the quarter miles you do for example. Also I understand that they will stick better and make my car handle a lot better on turns this is just for speed that I’m wondering about because of the 20lb increase on the car.

  4. Wow, 11.5 for LR+AB, that's really impressive!! That's M3P territories. Does the tire alone make that much of a difference?

  5. 01:10 Stang staying on the gas thinking he had it and just got smoked by the Model 3……….Spinnin aint winnin…..