TOP 5 Biggest REGRETS – Tesla Model 3 (2022)

What would I do differently? I go over my top 5 regrets of my Tesla and the buying process, in this video!

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🖥Video Chapters🖥
0:00 – Intro
0:34 – First Regret Cost of Customization
1:03 – WHY I didn’t upgrade
1:38 – Not Comparing Model 3 to Model Y
2:06 – Model Y Performance Comparison
2:34 – Not Understanding Resale Value
3:01 – Trade In Numbers
3:40 – Wasting Money
4:37 – What to Avoid
5:19 – Not Comparing Charging Options
5:45 – Your Charging Options
7:03 – BONUS
7:49 – Recap

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QUESTION – Do you have any regrets or concerns of a Tesla before or after buying?

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  1. Thank you for the recommendations. Looking forward this my model 3 rwd. What are your thoughts on seat covers?

  2. Had my 2022 tests a model Y performance a week and loved it so much ordered a model X.

  3. I am picking up my M3 this coming week. I still have to buy accessories such as floor mats. Is it worth spending the money on PPF? It's a lot of money. Also, I am a Siriusxm subscriber on my ICE vehicle. Is it available on the Tesla? Very informative video, by the way.

  4. Put a deposit on a y and Dump your 3 better bang for your Buck and now you have a Kid 👧 maybe 🤔 Two

  5. A NEMA outlet? which one there are about 30 different “NEMA” outlets available. education has escaped you once again

  6. Really appreciate your concise, insightful comments…still waiting to able to buy a Y in Australia.

  7. I have a Model 3 RWD on order. My original plan was a LR but the price increases bumped it out of my price range. I thought I was “settling” for the RWD until I drove one. WOW. The closest showroom is in a residential area so I couldn’t floor it, but I was blown away and had no hesitation placing my order. I like the benefits of the LFP battery and I look forward to impressing friends and family with the base model Tesla!

  8. can you do a video about your Tesla's speed? im looking into a standard range model 3 and it the "slowest " car Tesla has by numbers but I would like to see it from a real person and their opinions.

  9. I see zero value in wall connector. If you bail on Tesla you are SOL. IMO the nema 14-50 is the USB C of charging 😆. I’ve got a LFP model 3 and long range Y on the way. My two nema 14-50s are already in mad waiting!

  10. I have the exact same as your brothers. Love it. Would never consider purchasing another ICE after driving Tesla.

  11. I live in Illinois I paid $1475 for installation of the Tesla Wall Connector for my Model Y, the EDD is July 21 – Aug 1. The cost to install the connector depends on how far your power source is located from your, in my case, garage. I had a long run, 80’, of pipe and wire. BC of the current situation in our economy the cost to buy electric supplies is very high. Plus I ordered a quick disconnect next to the wall connector in case of an emergency

  12. It would be 400 more being there doing the same thing running wires adding breakers there just wiring it into that instead of the outlet if not more because they might use thicker gauge wires

  13. I paid $1200 total here in SoCal for the home charger and installation. Pricey, but worth it.