What REALLY Sells A Tesla Model 3 and New Electric Cars

Tesla and EVs are NOT just Zero-Emission cars. But what will drive the doubters away from their internal combustion cars to new electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. We’ll consider battery degradation, EV range and electric car maintenance as part of my argument. Electric cars need to be deemed a round better choice to truly win over the biggest critics.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 Why Car History Matters
03:28 Maintenance
05:33 Tesla EV Battery Degradation
08:21 Tesla Range
10:33 EV Charging
12:42 Conclusion


  1. It's no different to people going vegan it's better for your health if done properly. It's essential for the environment and its better for the animals. Evs are no different.
    I think EV battery recycling is crucial also technology to improve over time.

  2. I agree. Electric cars should not be forced or
    pushed by a certain timeline like they are doing where i live in California, USA. They simply will never fit everybody’s lifestyle. Not everyone will be satisfied by them. They should be more widely explained and understandable so people can determine that their lifestyle does fit one. And I also believe that although tesla is leading currently, we shouldn’t try and force one brand. Everyone should be able to have the brand they love, in the drivetrain that works for their lifestyle.