Has Tesla Improved The Model 3 Build Quality For May 7, 2022?
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  1. Won’t be buying an EV until 2028 or later. Waiting for them to consistently put out a quality product with very little issues if any. Tesla will be unstoppable by then. Buy your stocks now 😂😂

  2. Great pointers, which don't just apply to Tesla. Buyers of any make and model should pay same attention to details before taking delivery. I am getting interested in purchasing an EV next time I am in the market. I am new to this channel and haven't checked everything yet. What about the new BMW EV offerings, like the i4? How do they rate?

  3. Why are all of these videos in the friggin dark? These barely count as quality checks… Make sure they have matrix or none matrix headlights. You need daylight or better lighting to look for paint defects, you can't check the inside… etc.

  4. Would be a dream to Own one of these great review big dog the black paint looks clean on these 🙌🏾

  5. I’ve heard they are not putting matrix headlight in the standard or long range or it’s random between those. The performance is the only for sure thing to get them Can you start check to see if they do or don’t have the matrix light please. Like your videos

  6. Love the channel , I learned what to look out for when Taking delivery of my car. When ever that may be. Dates get pushed back .