Buy LFP RWD or Long Range AWD Model 3? (April 2022)

which is the right model for you? this video breaks down the differences between both cars as I have driven each over the last 6 months and 15k miles. Full breakdown below
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Aero Wheel Cap used in video (Deep Gray Silver):

LFP vs NCA – Science & Specs:

LFP Model 3:
US Price Base – 46,990
– Can charge to 100% without damage (272 Miles)
– Less speakers & no subwoofer
– Regen Braking works at 100%
– Feels Lighter
– Chargers slower & Home ( about 10 miles max per hour slower )
– Charges Slower at Supercharger ( 5 min slower overall )
– No fog lamps
– 140mph top speed
– Very Poor cold weather performance (Below 32 degrees) – Good performance with pre-conditioning prior to driving
– Safer via higher temperature requirements before decomposition (518* degrees F) & lower heat release (200J/g)

NCA Long Range AWD – $54,490
– Subwoofer & More Speakers
– Longer Range (358)
– 4.2 Sec 0-60
– Regen braking does not work at 100%
– Feels heavier
– All Wheel Drive Dual Motor
– Fog lamps
– 145 mph top speed
– Poor cold weather performance, good with pre-conditioning (under 32 degrees)
– NCA Battery Less Safe via lower temperature requirements before decomposition (302* F degrees F) & higher heat release (940J/g)

Accessories Seen in Video ( I may get a small commission if purchasing using the links below. It will cost you nothing & support the channel. Thanks!):

Mini Usb Humidifier:

Cup Holder Insert:

Aero Wheel Cap Kit (grey silver) :

Front Trunk Bolt Covers:

Front Windshield Sunshade:

Performance Pedals:

Performance Pedals (Black Aluminum):

Hidden Storage Center Console:

Tire Inflator:

Trunk Cargo All Weather Liner:

Frunk Cargo Liner:

Dog Seat Cover:

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  1. I test drove them, the performance is the best if you’re coming from a sports car…even the 2k power boost it doesnt work the same way. The acceleration is still better with the performance

  2. The better value is the long range without question because it has all wheel drive and while having much better performance it still has better range. If you ever need even more range just drive it to a standard’s limits and the range difference will be even greater. At least you have that option with the LR. With the standard you cant beat the long range performance, or range for that matter, no matter what. The long range is also a better value than the performance that does have better performance but less range, but only slightly better performance than a long range with acceleration boost upgrade.. another option the long range has the others don’t. Also Tesla recommends 90% daily charge for 3 long range and performance. Not sure why so many think it’s 80%.

  3. Do yourself a favor if you live in a place that gets snow buy a LR. The range and reassurance you get from having that extra battery in case of a highway shutdown or some emergency you can't move is worth it.

  4. Awesome video. If I order a model 3 standard range now is it guaranteed to come with LFP battery? I don’t see this listed anywhere on their website.

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  6. Thanks. I am in NZ and received my M3 LFP about a month ago and couldn't be happier (especially given the slow family cars we have in last few years!). For us we can get a NZ$8,625 (USD $5,832) rebate on the RWD M3, but not the LR so in affect it makes the LR NZ$23,125 (USD$15,636) more expensive sadly. So most of the M3s around here are RWD (although there a few Performance models around too). Fortunately the RWD is a great car already, as you have pointed out.

  7. Quick question: would the current long range model y have the LFP battery? I’m in the west coast so the 4680 battery is not sold here.

  8. Price difference in U.K. is now $12000.
    The new RWD LFP with 60KW pack in UK now only gets about 30 real world miles less than the LR. I’m getting 250+ in the U.K. winter and 300 summer I think. See R Symons YouTube where he put them head to head, it isn’t 80 miles now.
    With the 100% charging and much less degradation (million mile pack) at $12000 difference in the U.K. the RWD is a much better buy for not that much benefit.
    The standard stereo is also better than 95% of the car market. It sounds better than my Model S premium system.

  9. Round trip I do 84 miles a day four days a week. Waiting on my LFP 3. I intend on driving this car 20k miles a year for 20 years. I’m definitely putting it to the test. If FSD was in a better place I’d probably buy it.

  10. I had Tesla model 3 LR 2021 but sold it because of too much panel gaps and ordered 2022 SR , I charge daily to 100% no worry about degrading of battery. And it is a lot efficiency than LR.

  11. Maybe I missed it but you didn’t mention how the LFP is a much slower 0-60 speeds versus the LR. That’s a big deal for a lot of buyers who are considering between the two. I believe it’s like 5.8 vs 4.2 seconds plus LR gets an option for acceleration boost. Also AWD vs RWD is underrated. Power to all 4 wheels is a big difference.

  12. Thank you for the great info. Bought a MSM LR in Feb, and still waiting in AZ also. Can you give me info on where you got your tint done, how you removed your Long Range badge (hate the lack of symmetry) and how you blacked out the logo?

  13. I'm In the US. I sold my 2022 Model 3 RWD LFP.. will be ordering a Long Range AWD. The LFP is crazy for what you get but I need more range


  15. I talked to Tesla they said they have model 3 long-range with LFP now. did you guys hear the same or not?

  16. Everything is the same now besides battery and motor output. Sounds is the same now. The difference of heater steering, heated seats, and premium is over now. That was last year when they have a standard range vs a standard range plus

  17. I have a M3RWD on order, due in late July to mid August, and originally considered the M3LR, but for me, I couldn't justify an extra $6K (then) on range I'd need MAYBE 1% of the time, extra off the line speeds that eat range anyway, and fog lights/sound system upgrades I can do aftermarket at a much higher quality for far less than $1K total, combined. That, and charging to 100% all the time and not having to worry about battery health/longevity so much made it a no-brainer for me.

  18. Only doing 8k miles a year the Model SR+ LFP is a no brainer for me. I live in the UK. From the north coast of Scotland to the south coast of England is 1000 miles. Great car, I collected mine last week.