My FIRST Tesla Model 3 (UK) RWD

I finally done it and purchased my first Tesla 🙂 In this video I give an overview of the car and many reasons as to why this is the best purchase i’ve ever made.

If you’re thinking of buying or owning a Tesla (or any electric car), then do it now while there are grants available!

UPDATE 01/03/22 – I state by accident in the video that the additional cost for the midnight silver metallic cost £1500. It was actually an additional £1100. I think the confusion came from the costs in the US being $1500.

The most expensive option being the red multi-coat at £2100.

Thanks for watching, David.


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  1. Can you confirm how long distance your tesla can give you on single 100% charge ? I mean real driving distance and not the one which showing in the screen when you charge it 100%

  2. Thanks. Brilliant video. Super relative for me as that's the exact spec and colour I'm looking at! Thanks for spending the time to create

  3. Thank you for you your video
    My impulse : after having a lease (salary sacrifice) M-3 LR was to buy my own M-3 LR in red and the prices are really high at the moment with a long order time (7 months). Now was probably not the best time to get a Tesla. Then 3 days after the order I get the delivery will be in 6-8 weeks !

  4. I am glad that I will but a fully loaded Tesla Model 3 LFP with Full Self Driving anyway.

  5. yeah that's very awesome and very beautiful ! i know where you can buy in a cheap price and fast transaction , also they have a discount . Just comment here if interested.

  6. Can you show how do you fit in front and back (I have the same height as you)? How is this as a family car?

  7. Hi David, great video. You hit all the right notes for a new owner to ask and show. I do have a few questions for you. I too have a Range Rover Evoque. I do like the high seating position and ride. However I have been seriously looking at the Model 3. I have a family 2 kids and wife. So the practical side of the evoque has a strong pull. Going back to a saloon car, I know that the boot will be a talking point. Can you get two large suitcases in the back. You did say the opening was narrow.

    Last thing. Moving from the Range Rover, what is the seating height difference to you. Is it really noticeable or something you feel I can adjust to. Once again thanks for making a great first video.

  8. David … don’t ever leave your car solely with your phone !
    Not unless you like risks !

  9. David … it’s a pity that Elon didn’t employ Gerry McGovern !

    The Velar is a stunning looking car !

    Utterly perfect, as is the 2022 Range Rover !

    I’m saying this as a happy MY owner !

    I love my Tesla , but not always when studying her from “head on! “

    Best wishes … good video

  10. Congratulations on the purchase and a well presented first video. I'm getting a Model Y in the same colour combination next week – can't wait!
    BTW – the car also supports Tidal, not just Spotify. Apple Music not an issue for me, but I know a lot of people would like it.

  11. Nice video! I also 'impulse purchased' one as I was planning to get one in a few months, but then I noticed that sometime new cars appear on the website (and disappear very quickly) and one exactly like I wanted came up so I snapped it up and it arrives Thursday. Also the residuals seem to be amazing on these so I could run it for a year or two and not lose too much if I want something else. 🙂

  12. I agree with everything you have said. The new battery and price range make this model the best value for money.

  13. Nice video! I’ve ordered same model as you but standard white! What is the real range so far?

  14. I ordered mine exactly the same colors RWD m3 🤣 i cant wait to get it, so by then i will keep watching your videos 👍🏽

  15. Liked and subscribed too. I'm 2 months into my model 3 long range and love it. Enjoy! I too got used to the speedo in a few days and now don't notice it to the side as an inconvenience plus like you said the view out the front is incredible, panoramic almost. Worth putting pin on glovebox open so the Tesla cam can't be nicked lol

  16. Hi David,good vid,ive ordered one too just the basic 3,said nov 22 at the time,App now says july?? great.

  17. I'm also tempted to purchase a Model 3. Currently just not sure if opting for the Long Range is worth it over the SR with LFP. What's this car like on longer trips?

  18. "very rarely snows in Scotland" 🤣🤣🤣 come on now. Looks like you're in or around EK too where the snow is particularly bad. My dad's model 3 was back at the Tesla garage for most of December & January and they gave him an AWD Model X – lucky they did or his RWD Model 3 would have been nothing more than an ornament.

  19. I have the same model but in black on order and pick up in 3 weeks – also am in Glasgow. Thanks for doing this!! I have a Model S am doing part ex on for the 3, and the Eurocentral SuperChargers are 5 mins from home 🙂

  20. Enjoyed this. As a matter of interest what was your left hand pressing repeatedly behind the steering wheel ? You said you paid £1500 for the paint, isn't it £1100 ????

  21. I'm in Texas US and it took 2 months for use to get our Model 3 LR, got the same color as you. Just picked it up yesterday. Congrats, it's going to be fun.

  22. Liked & subscribed! Well done ! I just purchased exact same car and configuration.The ship dropped it off a few days ago and waiting to hear from Tesla.There was a model3 performance for sale recently and it had 18 inch wheels and the aero hubcaps – the seller enthused over them and the added economy from them.The 18’s are known for the better ride too.cheers.