Can you turn a TESLA into K.I.T.T. from KNIGHT RIDER?! | Part 1

If you can’t take a Knight Rider KITT replica car & add Tesla full self driving, why not take a #Tesla Model 3 (or any car) & add some KITT! Today we add a front scanner, KITT A.I. voice support, and a steering yoke! Check out – great PCBs from just $5!

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Context & Celebrity Guest!
3:57 Mod 1: Voice Box
7:43 (Dash Install)
10:57 Mod 2: Steering Yoke
18:40 (Yoke Test Drive)
21:24 (A Ladyfractic Appears)
23:58 Mod 3: Scanner Install
27:16 Grand Finale & credits

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  1. This is too cool!! And people were making fun of the yoke. They didn’t understand that it was already a thing in a car that had turbo boost. Oh. Just like the Model S Plaid.

  2. I think that was so cool. If Tesla was not as expensive. Maybe I would do one for me too. I would try to create a wheel cap as close as possible to the original one from Knight Rider. Also add something to the hood.

  3. The Trans Am is much better looking than the Model 3 though. Elon should make a Trans Am reeboot. Obviously IMHO and with all due respect.

  4. Amazing job my friend. Sorry about all injuries in three process, but three results may pay for the blood drops, hahaha. Really really cool what you made. My respect.

  5. Love it… imagine this on a black Tesla Roadster v2, driving into the rear of a black Tesla semi trailer.

  6. Bravo!!!! Simplesmente maravilhoso!!!! Ficou muito Top!!!! Parabéns.. chega a emocionar…. Saúde Paz e luz!!!

  7. Note: Always disconnect ground on the battery first, positive second. Reverse for reconnecting.

  8. That's nice your wife says goodbye in german when she lefs the car : auf wiedersehen its very cool for me thats my home language.
    so many different language for a goodbyes word. that feels very personable.

  9. Ooohhh! Now this is what I call a breath of fresh air! As a Kid / Adolescent I loved the Knight Rider Series! HA! I want more of this! Do it now! 🙂

  10. Just take a Trans Am, shove a Tesla motor in it, profit.

    And do a few other things for even more profit.

  11. I just watched a clip from the show. The gas pedal had lighting!
    It's the pinnacle of automobile awesomeness.

  12. La neta nada ke ver cuando van a comparar unas series ke salia en t,v con esto puras copias sacan no sacan sus ideas sacan algo ke ya salio pura imitacio no es tecnología es basura eso