Tesla Model 3: A 50,000 Mile Review *2 Years*

Tesla Model 3: A 50,000 Mile Review *2 Years* I go over my costs, pros, cons, and problems. Then finish with my tips for new or considering owners.

My Tesla Model 3 25,000 mile review:

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Costs (0:27)
I break down ALL the costs that I went through to get this car to 50k. It’s much lower than you’d expect! I start by breaking down my electric bill then I talk about other costs such as registration, tires, services, and finalize with the exact amount it cost to go 50k miles.

Pros (3:55)
There are many pros to owning this futuristic electric vehicle and some include low cost of ownership, great service, app control the car, the community, supercharging, and more.

Cons (7:22)
Just as there are a lot of pros, there are a lot of cons with the Model 3. Some of the ones I mention include problems, charging times, superchargers, and expensive to repair.

Problems (9:50)
One of the final points I want to cover is that I had a lot of problems with this car. I made a whole video which I will link here: which talks about over 10 problems I’ve had with this car. Luckily none of these were too major and they were free with Tesla’s warranty.

My Tips for New or Future Owners (12:01)
There are 9 tips that I recommend for people who are considering or newly own this car. These tips were made through my experience of having this car for 50,000 miles.

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  1. Thank you for sharing can't wait for my model 3 to arrive. Just wish I still get the credit rebate.

  2. Thank you for the honest review. I considering buying a model 3 (now in 2022), reason why I landed here.

  3. Thinking of purchasing a Model 3. Does your link for free supercharging still work? How can I check if referral code is applied at checkout? Thanks

  4. The takeaway is this: If you want a hassle-free driving experience for the next 3-5 years, Don't buy a Tesla.

  5. Also, they does Tesla cars seem to eat thru tires faster then any other car? Are they super heavy?

  6. sup bro nice channel i met u last sat at the tesla halloween event.

  7. how is this car in the winter though, i live in upstate ny so im talking how is it in 3ft of snow?

  8. Love those Wheels. Did you loose range by changing from aero wheels? I am getting my SR+ soon in few months.

  9. Great vid! Was wondering, what have you done to make the center of your wheels look like that?

  10. Ordered my M3P!! There is a Tesla charger at my work! Luckily it’s not frequently used..the charging rate is 13kwh is that really slow!?
    I work the five days a week ! Well at my full time job… have another side gig… planning on just charging at work daily! 😭🥳