2020 Tesla Model 3 LR with Acceleration Boost vs 2018 Audi RS5 Stage 1, 1/4 mile

I started my new drag racing season. Here, one of my run against a quick Audi RS5. My time was not my best one. But, it’s not really important. I love to race quick car.


  1. Ouff je ne m'attendais pas à une si grosse différence contre la RS5. Still, beau temps pour la LRAB, c'est tes videos qui m'ont fait pencher pour acheter le AB moi aussi! Tu viens à Icar des fois?

  2. RS5 is a great car, total cost of ownership is probably double the Tesla in the long run, at least based on what my 3 coworkers with Audis have described. They absolutely love their Audis though.

  3. always remember you're only one software update away from winning this..atleast keep telling this yourself 😀

  4. Love your videos, LR with AB here… we can't and will not win them all. Still appreciate your races!!