Tesla Model 3 RWD 2022 – the bad things about the car that might surprise you

In this video we are going to cover things that we found bad with the car. Those things are captured from the Family perspective.

00:30 Walkaway lock
02:28 Autopilot
05:18 Rear Vents
06:28 Parking cameras
07:51 Strange Noise
09:51 Suspension

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  1. Turn on dog mode when you leave kids on the car the A/C will stay on and the alarm will not activate due to inside movement

  2. My main problem with Auto pilot is – it tail gates. I've been taught to have 3 seconds distance between the car ahead. My 2022 Tesla only leaves 2 seconds.

  3. I like the cruise control, particularly in slow moving traffic where the car keeps a safe distance with little effort from me. On fast roads however, the cruise control does not leave a big enough gap to the car in front for my liking. I have it adjusted to the maximum distance of 7 but I would it to go to 10 to give me a more relaxing cruise in fast moving traffic. I wonder if the maximum distance is set by how far the cameras can see?

  4. I much prefer the autopilot not on speed sign recognition, prefer just to set at whatever speed I am going and then speed up or down with wheel on steering wheel. Too many false speeds from signs on side roads etc.
    Great video as usual, keep them coming..

  5. Is the noise likely to be associated with the cooling/heating circuit for the motor or battery? Overall, are you pleased with the car … you seem a bit irked by it at the moment. My RWD M3, white with black interior on standard aero wheels is due next month but is looking increasingly likely to be delayed due to Covid lockdown in Shanghai … we enjoy your videos!