Comparing BMW's NEW i3 with its direct rival, the Model 3

Comparing BMW’s NEW i3 with its direct rival, the Model 3

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  1. Start to add options to the BMW and you will see the price go up like a rocket , meanwhile most of the stuff is already standard on Teslas and other brands

  2. You understand that China did not allow Foreign Companies to own more then 49% for decades. Tesla is one of the first outside companies allowed to own their business.

  3. Legacy automakers have almost no choice but to convert a current ICE car if they want to get an EV on the market in less than 5 years. The result is a second best type of car that is too heavy, too slow, has too short a range, and no frunk. The BMW i3 and the KIA EV6 are good examples. This is the result of being oblivious to, and not planning for, how the auto industry is going to change from ICE cars to EVs.

  4. As a "made in China" by a chinese partner of BMW, I don't think that they can demand any sort of premium over a Tesla, especially of they are under-spec relative to a Tesla.

  5. Too many ‘what ifs’ . As for styling, BMW, both inside and out, have lost it. I always thought Japanese cars were generally ill equipped to satisfy European styling, but now they appear to have completion!

  6. In China the 3 Series is a very popular car among middle ranked business men, managers and party members and as a company car. It's very comfy and has a long wheel base which means it's as roomy as a standard 5 Series and can be used with a chauffeur. It also looks very reputable and traditional which is important in this market. It makes a ton of sense to offer exactly that as an EV version. People in that market won't really care about the Model 3 which has quite a different target demographic. So philosophizing about platforms and 10% differences in range and price is missing the point and just shows a lack of understanding of how varied the Chinese car market and car buyers really are. Or maybe the point of the video was never to actually provide a proper analysis of Chinese car buyers but just to make another Tesla = good, legacy = bad because I just compared 3 specs yada yada type of video. I'm not entirely sure…

  7. 300kg Heavier ~= 20% Costlier to drive (OPerating-EXpense), in times of expensive energy and greenvironment.

  8. I love how BMW just added electric to the same car as the 3 series. Put lights in the exaust cutouts, front grill, etc. LOL Come on BMW… You are better than this!

  9. I agree Sam, BMW will struggle to produce 2 million EVs by 2030, certainly not by 2025…. just ask VW how easy it is to ramp up production of EVs.

  10. 10x in 3 years is only a bit more than doubling 3 times in a row, so maybe…? I'm not optimistic.

  11. Bloody ugly and looks very dated…. BMW are completely clueless about building electric cars…. Looks totally prehistoric…

  12. Great to see more options in the market place. I think legacy auto makers like VW, Mercedes, BMW seem to deliver vehicles that handle better than Tesla cars, IMHO. I cannot vouch for the reliability of any of them. On one hand Tesla has had every Tesla vehicle recalled. On the other hand, VW, Mercedes and BMW products seem to have more reliability issues and higher repair costs than comparable Honds and Toyotas. That is just mu 0.02.

  13. The biggest thing on the range to battery capacity is the efficiency of the motors. Tesla is way ahead on their efficiency, and that really matters.

  14. I test drove the BMW I 4 a couple of weeks ago, and the nice thing about it is it pretty much drives like a normal BMW. I had an I 3 the original I three for a weekend and they’re very quirky. But I bet the size 3 Will drive pretty much like a normal three series. And there will be a market for it. I don’t think the price is out of line. Teslas are kind of bland and these are normal nicely appointed cars in my opinion

  15. Don't Buy Elons Products because He wants to use your Money to FUND THE.MURDER OF BABIES. Elon is a Puppet of 👹👈

  16. I don't know how it works in China but elsewhere BMW will discount to some (small ?) degree but Tesla do not so comparing list prices is valid but not definitive. BMW were disappointed with sales of their first full BEV i3 possibly because it was so different to the BMW DNA – I'm not surprised they now have a BEV that shows such strong links to the cars that have made them successful. I must say I think Tesla's cars are great in most respects but I don't like the fact that they turn off access to Superchargers at their own discretion nor the poor in-life service experience being reported – access to and pricing of accident repair spares for example. This has (so far) stopped me from buying.

  17. Soooo, what about the i3 they already made years ago? This is causing cognitive dissonance.

  18. The BMW EV has a fake air grill (actually of 'em), two fake exhaust holes and a fake transmission tunnel. That's what you are paying for: fake sh!t. As for the inside – it's okay. Too busy for an electric vehicle.

  19. Sam, you say, "You never know". In some cases, you can. Taking BMW, or any legacy maker at their word, is ignoring the spokespersons are chiefly propagandists. Their own engineers may not agree with their CEO, may be restricted from even trying to fulfill so-called (advertised) goals. But, given free reign, they may still be too far behind, or worse, not competent enough. Or, as Elon reminded us when asked why no maker will catch up to Tesla, "They don't have me."

  20. typical BMW your paying for the name ,you want decent spec you have to pay through the nose to get"extras" bmws normal modus operandi nowt new there, the transmission tunnel is still there as not confuse the owner in too thinking there not driving a ev ,just a very quiet ice 🙂 🙂 ,sales less than 10K in China first year proably a quarter of that in truth

  21. it will sell if people want to be able to say "i have dumb money, so i can afford to pay 10,000 more and get less, just because i want it'
    certainly anyone who has a german car boner will want it. If there were no telsas, it would be a good car.

  22. Hey, I enjoy listening to you, and agree with you on a lot of what you have to say. However I want to point out that Australia is one of the world’s top coal producers. To my knowledge Australia exports millions of tons of coal to China and India. Of course living here in the US I know that our country exports millions of tons to countries around the world. Don’t get my wrong, I’d love to own an electric car, for now just a little out of my price range. I think the world’s best option for producing electricity is Nuclear power plants. At the moment Australia has 0 Nuclear Power Plants. France at the moment generates 70% of their electricity from Nuclear Power and here in the US we have 55. Every time I come across someone talking about climate change, globule warming, I like to ask what they have have done to help. Then I tell them I have a solar water heating system, saves me around $300.00 a year. Since I do the install myself, total cost was $3,500.00. 12 years to get pay back. You do have maintenance so over 18 years, I think I might have broke even. Living in Pennsylvania is not the best for solar, lot of cloudy day and rain. July August, September are the best months. Wish I lived in Australia, lots of sunshine, the Southwest here in the US would be great.

  23. Sam for the most part I agree with most of your videos. This video I don't. A electric motor is just a drive train such as as a gas or diesel engine. I am understanding that car companies might share the cost of chassis or body works. Let's just be happy that an EV is an optional power train here. We all know a EV from the ground up is best, but let us not shame the consumer for buying a non-pure EV built car or truck.

  24. When you get more range with smaller battery, it’s because of a more efficient drivetrain, lighter and more aerodynamic body, less to do with a superior battery.