A custom cooler for the Model 3!

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TL;DW Basically this is a cooler with the design and functionality of a $300 cooler but custom fit and designed for your sub trunk for only $200!

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  1. The problem with using the trunk well, for the cooler, is, if you want a cool soda, you have to unpack the trunk to get to it.

  2. Great video Raj!! Just ordered the Tesmanian cooler!! I like the option of putting it in the frunk or lower trunk! Thanks for the discount code!!

  3. I just wanted to reinstate what others have been saying, you can do a lot better man. Still love ya though! 🙂

  4. This guy bugs me. It's really irritating how there's people out there trying to improve the Teslas but want you to pay some crazy price for something not even worth getting. Try removing this cooler with all the ice and water. Mom with milk is going to have a hard time.

  5. Need a cooler customized for the frunk. Easier to access with a trunk full of gear and scuba tanks.

  6. I have a $25 Coleman cooler that fits and does the same thing. Wife and I have a vacation home, I grab the 4 reusable ice packs from the freezer we pack food from the fridge, I put the cover back on and throw our bags in. Drive and unload into the fridge when we get there. All for $25

  7. You should have bought a Polar Bear soft cooler. And my sub trunk is always used, to keep my plug kit, portable compressor, rags, jack, jacking pucks and mini vac. So I don't room for that big of a cooler. For trips I just take my Polar Bear cooler an set it in the rear seat floor area. I wish YouTubers would stop pushing expensive sub par products, just so they get free stuff and kickbacks.

  8. You left out the best option of coolers from the test? Why? People do buy them cause they work and work well. Also I wouldn't keep my infants milk in the most difficult location to access requiring the most work to access while the child is screaming for food.

  9. The product I use is much better than any ice cooler (and I'm not posting an affiliate link to AMZN like you although I could): Cooluli Infinity 10, 15 and 20-liter Compact Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge/Wine Cooler with Digital Thermo (20-liter only) for Cars, Road Trips, Homes, Offices & Dorms. Price points are $80, $100, and $150: It runs off electricity 12V or 120V, eco-friendly, no messy ice, keeps stuff cold or hot indefinitely. As long as you only have up to 4 people in your Model 3, you can seat belt it into the 5th seat. Another option is to run an extension 12-volt cord into the truck, but then you cannot easily access the contents while driving.

    Raj: please don't let greedy tendencies devolve you into a hack pitchman. This video was too uncomfortable to watch, so I stopped it.

    My son and I met you in person at an early SV Tesla club event at the LG SC, where you demonstrated your "Drop-Lock," and I gladly bought one from you. You are a smart and very personable guy who happens to be an AAPL marketing dude. I think you started this out of your passion for Teslas, EV, addressing climate change, etc. etc. Many of your vids are fantastic – one of my faves is changing the Model 3 filters to carbon-activated. However, recently (and especially with this one), you have morphed into a hack pitchman for all the free products you receive. Watch some of Bjorn's videos and try to be more balanced instead of only being interested in maximizing "click-thru rates" on all of your links above.

    Happy Holidaze!

  10. I can’t find the dimensions but will it fit in the trunk well of a Model S as well? We have both 3 and S and alternate which car we take!

  11. Thank you for helping me to support Water Mission, Raj! That shirt looks great on you! 😊

  12. 48 hrs later, you have on the same shirt. 🙂
    Thanks for taking one for the team with the milk. 🙂
    I like the yeti. Good to see the Tesmanien quality is probably fair to the yeti quality. Thank you.

  13. And honestly the fact that you saw the video got a majority of negative comments and didn't reply to them or anything. Which leads me to wonder if you care. Yeah, you spent a lot of time and money making the video but you didn't do this to help us you did it to help you. There are less salesy channels that I'd rather hear from. Later

  14. Ummm dude I was hoping for some effort outside of the full on commercial. Can't even call it infomercial cause there was no info. If I'm going to see nothing but commercials I can just go ahead and subscribe to the companies that provide decent commercials at least

  15. Raj, I would like to see which piezo-electric coolers would be most suitable in a Tesla M3. In case that term is unfamiliar, they plug into 12V and can keep the contents either cool or warm. Thanks for your efforts.