Spring Detail on the Tesla Model 3!

Long time since we’ve done a proper detail, and this time I’m hitting it hard. Doing a full exterior and interior detail, and every product featured is from my own range, all linked below!

Wheel and Tyre Cleaner

Citrus Pre-Wash

Snow Foam


Ceramic Boost

Glass Cleaner

Signature Paste Wax

Tyre Brush

Tyre Shine

Leather Cleaner, Leather Protectant & Leather Brush

Interior Detailer, Interior Microfibre, Interior Scrub Pad & Interior Brush




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  1. Great video, those seats aren't very practical for every day use and I normally dislike the alloys on electric cars but these are quite traditional and came up like new.

  2. Great video mate👏My car loves your products🙂 Is that a snubby gun with the snow foaming?

  3. 3 or 4 months without a wash?
    That's not bad, my cars looked worse after a week!!