An Easier Way to Cover A Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Center Console!

I found such an easy way to wrap the Tesla Model 3 Center Console that I just had to share it with you! I hope you have a great holiday season and a happy and safe new year! Thanks for watching my last episode of the year and I’ll see you with many new ones in 2020!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I've been holding off on wrapping my center console for those exact reasons. Buying that asap

  2. Had not seen this yet. Thanks for doing the video. I will have to keep looking for a carbon fiber version. Not big into carbon fiber, but I thought that looked better than just solid black which dirt would show more easily on. The patter with carbon fiber hides things better. Would be a lot easier to install than wrap. Just hard pieces rather than flimsy wrap. Those can get scratched, but that can happen where wrap would tear and then start of peel off or can peel off anyway.

  3. OMG , I need this for my 2020 mazda 3 xd cant believe how scratched it became in some montha

  4. 3 things I’m doing when I get my Tesla.

    1. Tint windows
    2. All weather floor mats
    3. Cover for center console

  5. Have you tried taking it off ? I am curious to see if it will leave a stain or mess up the original finish ?

  6. This product is interesting and certainly speeds up the install. My concern is that the plastic, through vibrations, will eventually permanently scratch the shiny console. A link would be nice though.