Tesla Model 3 SR Road Trip 1k Miles to Tampa

When we bought our beloved Tesla Model 3, we went with the Standard Range variant because the intent was for this car to be used locally. At a significant savings over the Long Range, you sacrifice total range, but you get a lot of car for the money.

Now that we are indeed moving to Florida, we need to start getting our cars down to Florida. First up is our SR Model 3. This is the first road trip I have taken in a Model 3 of any variant, and the first road trip in a standard range car.

On this 1 way trip, we traveled just over 1,000 miles, and I had a great experience. I was weary of the extra travel time due to limited range and longer charging stops. That said, this trip was surprisingly good.

Yes, it did take longer to get the SR Model 3 down to Florida than it takes us in our LR Model Y. But, it wasn’t all bad on the overall experience.

Other than the obvious size difference from our Tesla Model Y, this Model 3 was smoother on the road, quieter, and overall more efficient. I wasn’t surprised about the efficiency, but I was surprised to discover the ride was that much better and quieter.

Now that said, we do have the aero wheels, which are quieter and do provide a smoother ride, but there is something else about this car that makes it a softer ride. I believe the suspension on this car is better handling the weight of the Model 3 than the suspension on the Model Y.

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