Tesla Model 3 SR+ 60 kWh acceleration and braking test

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  1. Jeez I’m happy I scored a 2021 with the 55kwh LFP battery.

    It’s faster, the range difference is quite small (with the 55kwh actually faster in the 1000km challenge, albeit with better weather), and it was about $4k cheaper than a new one now.

  2. Thanks for doing these kinds of tests 👍 Though I think you should mention that Tesla states acceleration times using 1 ft rollout, so it still performs as stated compared to that column in your spreadshiiiet. Even though I think Tesla should just state the times not using the 1 ft.

  3. Bjørn Nyland what's up with the results in braking test – #2 and #4 have almost the same time but #2 braking distance is significantly lower? Perhaps it's the limitation of Draggy with it's 10Hz update rate? Perhaps you need to get RaceBox Pro with a 25Hz update rate to get accurate results?

  4. Great test – thanks. I see the same thing happening that I have noticed with my 60kWh M3, the initial power takes a while to ramp up and it seems like it only puts out the max power as the speed increases. If I'm driving along at 50 kph and then put my foot down the acceleration is pretty good, but at lower speeds it doesn't push you into your seat the same at all (i.e acceleration is a lot less at lower speeds). It probably has something to do with limitations in the motor, perhaps sacrificing low speed torque for better efficiency. But I'm surprised to see a peak power of around 225 kW when the ratings I have see for the motor are stated as 190 kW (maybe its an average of some sort). Sure it might be accounting for losses but I would have thought losses are fairly low, otherwise there would be serious cooling issues.
    Overall I'm pretty happy with its performance, as the power is most useful when you are overtaking or powering up a hill (both of which is usually > 50 kph).
    Braking looks really good.

  5. I just got myself a Dragy, and braking performance is impressive on my Polestar 2 (non-PP). I get somewhere between 35 and 36 meters on 20" Conti PremiumContact on a dry road. In some ways, braking performance is just as interesting as acceleration, but testing both (like you do now) is a great idea!

  6. Bjorn could you please perform the range test on 60kwh now that it's nice and sunny for you 😎

  7. If you take a detailed look at the acceleration time table you cam see that the new "slower" 60 kWh version is actually quicker than the old one above 60 km/h. From zero to 60 is looses 0.42 s (3.51 vs. 3.09), but gains back 0.33 s from 60 to 100 km/h. 
    This is more than 10% faster than the old one.

  8. Normaly you say breaking lenght under 40 m is okay but good cracking distance is at 36 m and under.

  9. Really slow compared to post-(free)update 2019 SR+ that does 0-100 km/h in 5.08seconds. Also tests online that test 0-225 kmh and 100-200. Differences are even bigger (like LFP is half as slow!)

  10. Sheeeeeit, thats slower than I thought it was. I have this car and it feels faster than my old ipace 400 and handles better too so maybe 0-100 is not everything

  11. I have a Model 3 SR+ with 60 kWh and 239kw Performance Engine… if i compare it To my testdrive (it was a 55kWh Model3 ) at First it was very disappointing. But meanwhile I assume it is still fast enough 😅

  12. Good test! Bjørn quality as usual. But regarding the rain test, I‘m not sure how you will get consistently the same ‚wetness‘. But I guess you will make it work 👍

  13. the recent RWD model 3 has a slow start but better acceleration to 150km/h, I did a drag race from 0 and to 100 and then 50 to 150km/h and the recent lip are better in power actually in peak and longer, but just the start is slow