2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ Adding the heated steering wheel/ heated rear seats (cold weather feature)

Well Tesla have given all us SR+ owners the chance to now get the heated steering wheel and rear seats together, in what they have now called the cold weather feature.
Previously the SR+ was only able to upgrade and get heated rear seats, but we now can get it all (I say all but it has been said it only applies to MIC cars) if any different please let us know in the comments.
This is a well wanted upgrade for us, as we had a heated steering wheel in our previous EV, the Ioniq.
In this video we show you step by step what happens if you opt to get this upgrade and how long it takes to get it activated.

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  1. The heated steering wheel is just lovely on a really cold morning!! Standard in my LR but it's good to know it's available on the SR+ (or RWD as it's now known!). I agree it's a must have, but I don't think it'll matter much at resale.

  2. We collected our SR+ on the last weekend of November (MIC car in UK) and it didn’t have as standard. It was activated over this last weekend without any need to buy so there must be a cut off somewhere between September and November delivery dates. Feel quite lucky as it also came with the new bigger battery and the better 2021 performance that the 2022 model will lose a little!

  3. I have got my new Tesla SR+ on 28th Oct, 2021 Freemont model in Vancouver Canada. I purchased this yesterday too and mine came with heated steering too, which is the best feature.

  4. Another excellent video guys. Looking forward to my company duel motor arriving later this month.

  5. Sorry for video quality towards end, we was loosing daylight fast near the end 🌃