Tesla Model 3 Gets The BFB Kit – Carbon Ceramic Front Brake Upgrade

“But Matt the Tesla uses regen for braking and carbon ceramics are for taking the car to the track. That’s a useless upgrade!”

Shut up, nerd! We’re here to make the Nerd 3 awesome and the best way to do that is install a set of $8000 carbon ceramic front brakes. They are really freaking cool though and they look amazing on the car regardless of the actual usage.

Get The Kit Here:

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  1. Isn't front/rear the brake bias going to be way off after this upgrade?

    A 'trick' I figured out decades ago for replacing calipers, brake lines, or any parts below the master; before removing anything, put a bar or something on the brake pedal holding it down a couple inches. This blocks off the fluid, you can leave hoses off damn near forever without having a mess or having to worry about the master going empty. I've left a few over night when doing a long job or sending calipers out for repair. When I finish all I do is let the pedal up and open the bleeder, gravity will bleed the system for me. When the fluid appears to be air free I bang the caliper a couple times with my palm, sometimes a tiny bit of air stays near the bleed hole since the fluid is moving slowly, they come right out, then close the bleeder. Beware that with the pedal pressed down the brake lights will be on with most vehicles so take care not to drain the battery if you'll be working on it a long time.

  2. Did you happen to pay attention to your range or wh consumption before and after the carbon ceramic rotor change? I’m interrested if there was a measurable increase in efficiency.

  3. Finally, something other than carbon fiber lips, wraps, and rims. Can we call them cosmetics instead of "mods". Lol

  4. Once a new bottle of brake fluid is opened, it either goes into the car or gets disposed of. I don't hang onto any old fluid because it will absorb moisture from the air that is introduced once you break the seal. I think even new sealed containers of brake fluid have a recommended shelf life of about 2 years.

    If all I'm doing is bleeding brakes after swapping a caliper, I only use the power bleeder to pressurize the system and will fill the reservoir by hand. I only put fluid in the power bleeder if I am flushing brake fluid. Once I'm done, I clean out the power bleeder with denatured alcohol and allow it to dry before putting it away.

  5. If u but a bar to hold brake pedal down then release pressure through bleed nipple then u don’t get leaking while your working plus less air going back in to the system

  6. Wish we can see some this cars do some track time.. this one would probably do so good…

  7. @obsessed are you looking to sell the OEM calipers? I don’t need the lines or pads, just the calipers.

  8. Ok hold on so ol Matty king of the QD gets a motive power bleeder and doesn't QD it. He must not know it's easier to in stall with QDs.

  9. I want to see what a pre-collision assisted stop looks like with these monsters. Lose your lunch, save your neighbor's cat. So sick.

  10. DOT brake fluids are hygroscopic, they absorb water from the environment, and this absorption cannot be prevented. If you add a brake fluid that was already opened earlier, it will start to boil faster with stronger braking due to the water content

  11. i would be carful on putting it on self driving i seen a post saying there was a tesla crashing and going up in flame

  12. I feel like Matt would talk the same doing this job regardless of whether there’s a camera or if he’s alone.