Tesla Model 3 technology review – Tomi’s Tech Download / Electrifying

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We know that technology on new cars can be bewildering, especially on electric cars, which is why we have created Tomi’s Tech Download.

In the first in a new series, Tomi Adebayo – aka GadgetsBoy – explains in depth the technology on offer in the Tesla Model 3 – everything from Autopilot to adjusting the climate control, Tomi covers it.

This video is less about driving impressions but about the tech. If you want to know more about how Tesla Model 3 drives, then Ginny Buckley’s video should help. You can watch that here…

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  1. I think the review is very biased and very bad. Just like a boy seeing candy. Some of the technology has its down side. And even a hyunda hybrid can do some of these but with physical button. And people got killed by Auto Pilot. All should be said, You can apprecaite the technology but not be fan boy guy.

  2. I guess if I just bought one this would be useful….but not intending too so stopped watching……

  3. Good review, first one I’ve seen who explains the car in great details without to much hype

  4. Tomi, you lost me when you start with opening the car with the BACK UP entry card and then say you can also open the car via the app…… 🙄 Just makes you think straight away that he just doesn't know the car and doesn't understand the software.

    I'm hoping this isn't the first time Tomi has sat in a Tesla, anyone at all fimilar with a Tesla know that it is paired via Bluetooth and you just walk up to it and it unopens and also auto lock as you walk away.

    Can you please stop calling these technology reviews as the term means 'the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering' of which the review is not. So this would be the batteries, drivetrain, etc.

    The title should really say software or infotainment review if all Tomi does is run through the interface sub-menus.

    Someone in the Team, please help Tomi with his script…

  5. The car, the car, the car, the car, the car, the car, the car
    Yes I get that you are reviewing the car
    Informative about technology but you need to work on your script

  6. So do you physically need to hold something to unlock your car (eg card against the pillar or use your phone)??

    My car lets me just press a button on the door handle as long as my keys are close by. I find this great as I can leave my keys in my pocket or gym/work bag without having to get them out before getting to the car.

    I would have thought Tesla would have this too.

  7. That was a great review. It was pleasant to watch even though it was a lot techie. I liked it. I wish I could say the same about the car.

  8. How different is the autopilot on Tesla to adaptive cruise control I have in my VW Golf?

  9. same model that I have ordered so ill have to have another view just before it arrives

  10. Something just occurred to me: if someone reports their Tesla stolen is there scope that software will be able to safely stop the car and immobilize it?🤔

  11. Most enjoyable presentation. Would like you to have shown what the process of starting was.