Tesla Autopilot Stops at Red Light Model 3 Software Update 2020.20.13

Tesla Autopilot Stops at Red Light , Stop Signs and some roundabouts as part of Model 3 Software Update 2020.20.13 In this video, we drive around the Sydney Central Business District CBD to demonstrate how Tesla Autopilot can now react and slow down to traffic lights.
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  1. Conclusión: Not reliable. Since it looks you gotta work harder than any other normal car

  2. Any intel about timeline for Tesla FSD Level5 being ready and plans to get it through the legislature in DC and other countries? Any insights in lobbying plans, timelines, possible rollout scenarios in the USA and other countries? Any guestimates of what magnitude better the Tesla FSD5.0 will be over human drivers, 10, 20, 30?

  3. So basically for this auto pilot you need to be 100% vigilant and focused on nothing else but supervising the " Auto" pilot ?

  4. Interestingly I only got 2020.20.12 .. not 2020.20.13 .. and it doesn't have this feature. So close!

  5. Tesla Australia website has the 'Founder Series Roadster 2020' listed for AU$326,000 driveaway price and in USA its meant to cost US$250,000, and the 'Base Roadster' is US$200,000 which translates to about AU$260,800. Good price for the Base you think? At that price and as long as the rego & insurance & 2-3 years of maintenance costs are not too high (like a petrol luxury sports car) right now I will set a goal of purchasing a Base Roadster, and go all in on EV-tech and go all the way up, than being 50/50 about it. Base will arrive in Australia August/September 2023 you think? I will let you borrow it for a few days or even a week for free as long as you are ok to pick it up from near the Pennant Hills post office / library and return it there, and as long as no food or drinks are taken inside the Base Roadster, and any of your family can drive it during that period (if anyone is on L plates or P plates as long as you are in the front passenger seat, I am fine with that)

  6. Autopilot or FSD? I haven't gotten the update yet and I'm getting anxious lol

  7. Good work Tom. More or less what I found on my Model 3. Handy, a little scary and some more development needed.

  8. Great video Tom! I tend to use the stalk in the interim as tapping the accelerator seemed a bit weird but like you that may change. Other than the harbour bridge lights which is a bit of a bummer, it works very well in the city!

  9. I wonder how good FSD will be come the end of 2020 ? Also do think the Australian FSD is trained by Australian drivers? Or is it even the NSW's FSD being trained by NSW's drivers.

  10. Great video. Can you see if you can do any training by reporting an incorrect intersection response.

  11. Autonomous vehicle just around the corner. It still leaning. With stop sign, the car's sensor is further forward on the then your own eyes 👀 and also higher. The roundabout is a poor excuse for a roundabout. Test it on a real roundabout.

  12. Thanks for video. This is a good stop gap before FSD is fully mature. From a practical point, it’s still just a novelty at the moment, takes more concentration compared with AP before this option. Wouldn’t want it to stop in the middle of the bridge! Having to double guess whether it will really stop at stop signs is a headache. Occasionally the wife takes the car so I might switch off AP for her key as it can be incredibly confusing if she accidentally double clicks and has AP activated. In Australia, the biggest challenge is the melbourne CBD dreaded hook turn, if it can autopilot that, that will be truly incredible. Pretty sure the AP program is now more sophisticated than a A380’s autopilot (no traffic lights in the air!).

  13. Thanks Tom, great summary. The good news : I got an update yesterday. The bad news: it was only 2020.16.3., not the .20 update. ☹️

  14. Received update for 2018 Model X this morning but no stop on red light option?

  15. Great demo – I had a look on my cars, no up-date for me yet… it looks like you (with FSD) get them about a week ahead of us… – I will be offering special rate for people to pay for 3-days and get 1-day free when this up-date is out, so they can get a good feel for what the cars can now do…

  16. Handled it okay for the first time the feature got activated. Will only get better from here !

  17. Great video as usual Tom. Very cool to see these visualisations. Not perfect but incrementally improving which is what the journey to FSD looks like.

  18. I think if I was buying an EV, the last car I would buy would be a Tesla because they are way too expensive with this automatic driving that, at most seems about 10% reliable. This is a great video on how to NOT use automatic driving. You demonstrated just how stressful and unreliable it is. I think your trip would have been much more pleasant if you had driven it like you would have done with a normal car having full control at all times, instead of having to constantly correct the self driving unreliability. Self driving seems to be a great way to have, or cause, an accident.
    Thanks for a great video, nicely edited and presented.

  19. So few people walking or riding bicycles or scooters.
    Cities need to do more to encourage people to ride bicycles especially now. Bicycles are great for social distancing.
    It also reduces auto traffic congestion.

  20. It’s wasn’t phantom braking across the intersection… what I noticed is it requires a second confirmation when there is a combo of a green light and red arrow.