Tesla Model 3 Smart Summon. Rain Test | Ludicrous Feed | Tesla Tom

Testing in the Rain for Tesla Model 3 Smart Summon. Software Update 2020.16.2.1 | Ludicrous Feed | Tesla Tom
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Ludicrous Feed is a YouTube Channel about The benefits of Tesla Electric Vehicle Ownership and Renewable Energy Household Products from an Australian Perspective. Our family owns a Model S and Model 3 which we drive daily while our Tesla PowerWall2 Battery and Solar Panels help reduce our reliance on Grid Electricity. This Channel aims to encourage others to look at an electric vehicle for their next purchase as well as investing in renewable energy technology such as Solar Panels and Battery for their home.

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  1. Will you be making test-drive uploads of the 'MINI Electric Hatch Electric Edition' (Parramatta, Chatswood, Artarmon, Darlinghurst) and the 'PORSCHE Taycan 4S' (Parramatta, Willoughby, Alexandria) anytime soon?

  2. Can you make a detailed video about the recent Taiwan incident (Model 3 ramming into the tipped over truck on a highway)? With original footage inserted and all

  3. Awesome, worked really well! Only time I’ve really used smart summon was when my car was being silly down at the foreshore near Sydney Airport 🤪

  4. Never realised that a new 2020 Right-hand Tesla Model S costs $196,000 in Sydney with all the extras – performance, red multi coat paint, 21" wheels, oak wood decor, FSD! The equal 2020 Right-hand Model 3 costs $127,000 with all extras, is it worth paying extra $69,000 for the 2020 Model S?

  5. Will they be reducing the brand new prices of Tesla's in Australia, do we know?

  6. "I could write it in a letter
    But then what could I say
    Guess I'm gonna have to aask you
    TeslaEV, what's your name
    And can I walk beside you in the rain
    Just a little smile will make my day"

  7. I am an electronics engineer (not IT) but if someone would have told me 10 years ago that it would be possible to summon your car from the wet car park to the dry entrance of your house / shop I would have given that guy a 'yeah….in your dreams, mate' reply.

    The same electronics engineer thinks today that he would not walk in front of a 2.2 ton vehicle ready to take off like a rocket and directed (not controlled) by some app on your random phone.

    Fun fact: Audi engineers went to the US and hired a Tesla and were caught in a car park throwing themselves in front of the moving vehicle to test its response… that is sheer dedication….and total trust in US technology.

    I wonder what would happen when say after a party 10 guests summon their vehicles all at the same time…..that test could be next on your list, Tom.

  8. Almost clicked on the thumbs down icon for having two golf umbrellas in the upload (even at that it didnt see any PhantomLaneFourPoddy branding on the umbrella), instead of having a nice rain coat jacket with a waterproof hoodie part and it having PhantomLaneFourPodcast branding/emblem on it 😀

  9. i did this in a carpark and a woman happened to walk past and look at the car and she did a double take lol

  10. Are you joining the AEVA 'EV EcoTour' mass EV drive starting Sun 27 Sept , Mon 28 Sept , Tue 29 Sept , Wed 30 Sept , Thu 1 Oct , ending on Fri 2 Oct ?

  11. I wonder if there would be a way, technically, to use the LED headlights and multiple front-facing cameras as a low-res LIDAR?
    The LEDs could flash fast enough, but I don't know if the cameras can switch quickly. Be cool to be able to milk some more function out of the current hardware.