Tesla Model 3 Tire Rotation is Fun and Easy – How To

This time in the AutoEdits garage we work on the wife’s 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance! I’ll do my best to entertain and educate… from all the tools and equipment to the types of tire rotation and the actual procedure step by step.
Here’s the link to the AutoEdits Amazon store where I put together a list with the tools you would need to pull off this operation:

Would you guys want to see any more content featuring this car? I could do a test drive and what it’s like to own one of these things type of video.

If you want a good video on how to rotate the tires on your Jeep or 4×4 truck watch this one:

And here are links to both the Prius with a flowmaster and the pledge your tires videos:

Thanks so much for watching and stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your drive!

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  1. Great video! I am changing the winter tires over to the summer for my mom on her model 3 and this was very helpful! Thanks!

  2. Great video! Detailed without sounding like a lecture lol. Makes me think about rotating tires in the Michigan winters and the wheels “welded” to the hubs. Have to mule kick the wheel with your boots to break them free LOL

  3. So after a year your wife didnt complain about the prius droning noise so you decided to rat yourself out ?? lol …. my wife would have picked up on it day one hhahah

  4. " I know that craftsman impact very well and know how many ooga dugas on that gun get me to here" lol OOGA DOOGAS

  5. Thanks! I changed my model 3 performance to 18s. Cheaper and more tire options. More security with potholes

  6. Great idea to use a drill! I have the same type of drill. Do you recall where you got the drill bit, was it online or at the hardware store?

  7. Watching this knowing I have a performance model y and now realizing I have different front and rear tire sizes lol. Welp

  8. You live in LA with potholes : in the UK we laugh at your potholes, every road has 1000's of potholes some big enough to eat a whole road-cone. You would be insane to run those low profile tires; OK some people run low profile tires – for a while, then learn.

  9. Doing a tire rotation on my Lexus RX350 was fun as well, I just drive to a Lexus dealer there I can either wait in their owners lounge while they serve me a cappuccino. Or they give me a random Lexus to drive around town to do chores. Traded my RX350 in for a Model Y and I regret it, Tesla charges $50 for a tire rotation. And I would need to leave the car there for god knows how long with no loaner since they are "so busy." If I had the nerve to complain they tell me I am expecting Rolls Royce/Bentley service on a Tesla. Yes I should expect to rotate my own tire on a 55k car. This is by far the worst company I had the misfortune to deal with…

  10. Hello

    Keep doing every thing to know by others

    Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteering

    Thanks to team

    Work on each every small issue and make video and post i will watch


  11. I rotated front to back and now the car is showing the tire pressure wrong. Showing on the front the pressure of the rear tires. What did I miss? Suggestions?

  12. Is your model 3 AWD? I have a model y AWD. Can I still do front to back instead of crossing?

  13. of course the easy way. would like to see someone to the cross version on the tesla

  14. Who's surprised that Tesla doesn't come with standard "free" maintenance during the first few years?

  15. Cool channel, cool guy! Glad I found my way here to make sure I was doing my rotation on my M3P — thanks! 👍🏾

  16. Do you have to reset the TPMS after rotation? I'm about to give mine a first rotation.

  17. Would love to see you do a test drive and review of the Tesla! Love the channel buddy- next time you’re in Arizona let’s go wheeling!