Preheating Tesla Model 3 cabin and battery


  1. model S will pre-heat battery to 16-17'C

    model 3 will pre-heat battery to 26-27'C since model 3 more temperature sensitive
    – my hypothesis: the low cobalt lithium battery cell chemistry in the model 3 is more temp sensitive thus higher temp's are required for the same fast charging.

    your conclusion: preheat for 1 hour is long, half an hour is enough

  2. Attn Elon Musk, please incorporate an optional propane heater in the Cybertruck! Since it's cold on Mars, you can call it Mars Mode. Electric heating is slow, inefficient and expensive, That's why I want Cybertrucks to have a "Winter package" that includes a fully integrated propane heater for the batteries, cabin and maybe even cooking. One 20 pound propane canister has 126kw of energy (more than the entire Tesla battery pack… and all 126kw is available to use). Think about saving / using all that extra power while camping and preserving the batteries for driving! Plus heated batteries will provide better range and a longer usable life as well. Please forward this to Tesla!

  3. So will the Model 3 heat the battery when you precondition via the app ? and does it have to be plugged into the mains in order to do so ? and can you have the option whether or not to have the battery preheat ?

    And when it gives you the option to preheat before supercharging what temp will it heat the battery to ?

  4. Thank you that, great stuff as ever. If I want just to pre-conditon the battery I assume it will do so regardless of the cabin temp set so long as I set the climate 'on'. So I might not need any temp (or cooling) in the car but can pre-conditon the battery this way? Maybe I might want to do so prior to a known SuC session just a short drive away.. What do you think Bjorn?

  5. What is the optimal amount of time to pre-heat? Or did I miss that in the video?

  6. if you preheat the cabin with 70 degrees instead of HI, does it warm up the batteries too? Or batteries only warm up if you preheat with HI?

  7. My question is how the battery holds up in intense cold. In Quebec we're getting -10°C to -30°C quite often during winter. If the battery gets cold, how much range do I lose? And how is it affecting the battery longevity?

  8. This whole 11 and a half minute video in 1 sentence!:
    "Turn on cabin heat for at least 15-30 minutes to heat up your battery for better charging and performance" Fiñ… 🤣

  9. Shame it doesn't use the HVAC system to heat the battery, it would save a lot of energy.

  10. Would it take more time to heat up battery RWD? Since there's only one motor!? to get temperature to around 27-28 degrees C

  11. This afternoon (just a bit above freezing) I had left the SR+ plugged in for a few hours but was not upto the 90% limit and was surprised to get full regen with very few dots on screen. Obviously the battery had been warming whilst plugged in. Hadn't had heating on. Now quite confused. When I plug in with 16A charger I often get no miles added for quite a while, which I presume is battery warming.

  12. There are plenty of cabin temp sensors, plus more signals to specifically monitor the waste heat and target temperatures. Amund just needs to stop wasting time on iOS and update his signals :p there are thousands more

  13. Chevrolet Volt and Bolt have in line heating that is active via liquid cooling. My concern with the Model 3 is long term… You are deliberately generating waste heat in a part and thus wearing it out… Time will tell, but the Volt heater keeps the battery actively at perfect temps at all times. That is actually greater genius. Model 3 is smart from a cost management perspective, but longevity is something only time will tell.

  14. How do the motors generate heat while being static?
    Does the car apply current to the motors while applying the brakes?

  15. I generally preheat 15 to 20 after my day at work. Max defrost melted a good 2-3 cm of snow tonight for about half of that time.

  16. My test showed the new Camp Mode only heated the cabin and NOT the traction battery. I guess they assume you are in the car or plan to be. Makes sense to not heat the battery in Camp Mode.

  17. I noticed a similar effect when the battery is cold (indicated by the snowflake symbol) and you start charging. Then the app displays "0 km per hour" charging. But after time the snowflake disappears and you get back the range that you have lost before because of the cold battery. From then you also get your normal increase in range with e.g. 22 km / h. So obviously when you start charging a cold battery it is first preheated.

  18. I recorded the stats of a recent preheat on model 3 and turned it into a graph here. 13kW at max

    I also noted that it doesn’t preheat battery if you’re actively charging – it knows your priority in that situation is to fill battery rather than use power.

    If you’re plugged in but not charging, it will preheat battery and use AC for it as much as it can.

  19. If you don't care about motor performance, nice warm cabin and drive cautiously so to not break without regen, are there still advantages to preheat? It feels unnatural to heat my car. Like you're wasting energy. Like with an ICE car

  20. Hi @Bjørn! then if I understood weel: you simply enter inside the car and power on the AC. Then, after few minutes the stators start to warm the battery ==> right? This happen everytime that I start in the morning with my car unplugged during the night? (Outside temp 5°C)

  21. If range was a factor for highway driving, would you be better off pre heating for 30min and losing around 10% or just start driving and use that 10% on the road?

  22. Does SR+ with single motor takes 2x longer to heat up battery? Or does the car pump more power into single motor?

  23. Any opinion on Tesla reaching for the Autonomous day when they can sell cars cheap and make $ by selling software unlocks instead? They do this already with performance and autopilot…

  24. I figured out something. When I activate preheat without charging, the afterburners are immediately on, when the charge start, this shutdown the afterburners at the same moment. If I switch off the charge, afterburners bring back on. Strange thing is that charge seems to be active because the afterburners drain 7 kW + the cabine heater maybe 3 kW and the « battery power » value is between 6 and 7 kW (I charge usually @3 kW). It seems to be a bug when activating manually the charge function.

    Can you try this Bjorn ?

  25. Do you recommend I always preheat my Model 3 LR AWD for my short 20 minute 24 mile commute mostly highway speeds. I usually have scheduled departure turned on before I leave for work if it’s super cold. I’m in New England, USA.

  26. Although my next vehicle will probably be electric, I would not seriously consider a Tesla. I intend to drive my next vehicle until it cannot be driven anymore, and I am very concerned about reports of how expensive Teslas are to repair after the 8-year warranty expires. Owners of older Teslas have reported that the costs are ruinous. I will stick to a vehicle built by one of the major manufacturers, who don't make cars with highly specialized, thousand-dollar door handles, thanks.

  27. So on the single motor version it would only use 3.5kW of afterburner and must take longer to heat the battery.

  28. I Have a Kia 2020 Soul EV and the preheater is set for 1/2 hour before departure time, and many times -5 or lower the car is nice and warm!

  29. heat from a stationary motor; that is amazing; how does that work ? Where does the heat come from if the motor isn't spinning ?

  30. It will heat battery if doors are locked, as soon as you open door battery heating stops / cabin heat stays on

  31. So when I preheat from the app without being in the car it will heat cabin and battery at the same time? It seems Bjorn showed two scenarios, one where he sat in the car and the car only heated the interior and a second scenario where he didn't sit in the car and it heated the cabin and the battery.

  32. Very nice Bjørn, as always!
    I was thinking the same, because everytime I came to the car after preconditioning 45mins, the dotted lines on the regen-side dissapeared.

    Do you maybe know if the stators are always on when charging on CCS and Batttemp below 27?

    I noticed some weird behavior when charging at Ikeas 20kW CCS Chargers. When the Batt was coldsoaked and I charged via CCS with max 20kW output, the car took between 8-10 kW. Via Type 2 it drawed the usual 11 kW. After roughly 45-60mins the Car took 18-20 kW ( I think it depends on SOC and therefore BattVoltage )

    After recharging via CCS for more than an hour all dotted lines disappeared also without preconditioning😊

    Could you confirm it?:)

    Best regards