The Most Factory Tesla Instrument Cluster | Model 3 & Y Plug & Play

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  1. This has been around a while from other companies, I had it and loved the look but at the time tesla had just done a firmware update andthe aftermarket dash was very buggy as a result. Telsa firmware updates can effect the dash and you may be stuck waiting on the aftermarket dash to get an update its a huge downside.

  2. Looking good but I would rather see a integrated Heads-up display as that will maintain the minimalist look of the car and give all the necessary information you need.

  3. yayyyy Kim. great job girl! I can imagine how you felt pulling and yanking stuff… its like, WHAT THE HELL DID I BREAK!!!!?? lol
    love it. if you end up loving it, im going to get it.

  4. Basically what you proved in this video is that you would prefer a KIA EV6 to your MODEL 3.

  5. You're pretty handy —and brave, Kim! Now I want to see you install a TorkLift tow hitch! 😉 I want to see more of your reactions when driving and using that binnacle. I don't think I would do the modification, for several reasons. I've adjusted just fine to my Model 3's screen by now; I would want a "wood" piece to match the original; I would prefer a heads up display if I really wanted to have readouts in front of me; and… I would want the binnacle to imitate the "blind spot" round camera displays now in the Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5. They are much better than Tesla's solution, IMHO. But at least the battery has a green color in your new binnacle —like we've wanted Tesla to restore on its display for ages!

  6. 2 Main questions I have is 1. Does it affect the airflow at all, if so then how? and 2. Does it lower your range? meaning does it drain the battery any quicker cuz it's digital display? if so by how many miles roughly?
    Other than that it looks great, awesome video!

  7. Ugly and unnecessary, ruins the simplicity.
    Odometer font is different than on the central display, don't know about the LCD quality, does it have dark mode or not….

  8. I'm in Australia and would love to have one of these. I have asked them if there is a right hand drive model available, sadly, they have said there is not one yet.

  9. Yes that’s what I hate about the model 3 with no center console. Big mistake Elon because robotaxi won’t happen

  10. I missed the silver paint. Unfortunately they discontinued it before I bought my Tesla. But I’ll have the look when I finally get my CyberTruck 😀

  11. I'm very interested in this but at around $800, I'll pass. But I'm sure you got it for free and you've owned how many Tesla's so far, so it's not like you couldn't afford to buy it.

  12. Should’ve called Brian from i1Tesla, he would do it in a minute, the things he has done to his Teslas .. 😄👍🏾✌🏾

  13. Do those older model 3 seats have cooling ac? I’m jealous you could get white seats with the wood trim. Biggest reason I didn’t get white seats was to have the wood

  14. The reason Elon said to pony up for a Model S if you want a gauge cluster is in reference to why the 3 and Y don’t have them. Because the whole point of those cars was to be more affordable and accessible. The only way to make them cheaper was to remove any features buttons or switches that were unnecessary. What he was saying is if you want those features you have to pay more money to get them. Because they cost money. As this video demonstrates.

  15. Have your ordered your Cyber truck??!!! I can’t wait to see your review. Love 💕 your content! This looks easy enough. Sent the videos to my hubby. We have a M3
    SRP and MYLR and Cybertruck on order 😍

  16. Good on you Kim for doing it yourself rather than filming someone installing it for you.
    My impression is that because it plugs into the display computer it is only a Tesla software update away from being broken. You are then relying on the vendor to update their firmware to get it working again. For that reason, I wish Tesla would allow certified aftermarket accessories. Or even produce them. This display would be better if it showed navigation instructions or replicated the “side camera when indicating” display. That would require Tesla software input though. I don’t believe these should be available as an assembly line option, because that just complicates production and adds cost.
    But autonomous drive is still at least 5 years away so Tesla could provide itself another revenue stream by doing service centre installation of certified products like instrument clusters, HUDs and power frunks. (I don’t do Twitter so can’t suggest it to Mr Musk.)
    I am in a RHDrive country so this instrument cluster isn’t available. I have a HUD that sits on the dash instead and provides basic info like speed, drive mode, battery%, etc. I had got used to looking at the centre display for speed but quickly reverted after installing the HUD. It only cost a tenth as much as the cluster and doesn’t block the airflow.

  17. Is Tesla had offered this as an option, imagine how many would have bought it, even at $2000. Would have brought them dozens or hunderds of milllions by now. Just for making the part they SHOULD ALWAYS have had in the car.
    Let alone a HUD.
    If the customer wants it, it's blacklisted by Tesla.

  18. Now convince Tesla to make an estate version. Lots of cars don't even come as sedan anymore. Don't estate buyers deserve an EV? My street is full of estate cars. What are the owners to buy next if they want an EV? A clumsy cramped "SUV" with short loading floor?

  19. They need to partner with tesla for this get bought out whatever? Because I bet at scale installed at the factory, this would only cost about $250 to do or less. And then tesla would eliminate one of the most common gripes about those who like an ev but want an instrument cluster. 👍🏻