Top 8 Benefits of Owning a Tesla in 2022!

Going in depth on the top 8 advantages to owning a Tesla in 2022. The benefits broken down that only EVs (especially Tesla) have that gas-powered vehicles don’t.

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1 Year Tesla Model Y Review:


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  2. Yeah, and they're really good for the environment….not! You guys do know that an EV produces more co2 over its lifetime than an equivalent internal combustion engined vehicle right? These EV manufacturers and governments are such liers!

  3. Enjoyed your video… still waiting for my X. Ordered in June 2021 and after countless changes of delivery dates, the latest is btwn July 23 – Sept 3rd! I can only "enjoy" the tesla thru your videos. Keep sharing!

  4. I don’t grasp the obsession with acceleration. It meant something to me at 16 in my Camaro. But for the avg adult, is it even wise to floor a Tesla?

  5. Great video! I charge up about every other day, depending how much I have driven. It is wonderful to easily have a full charge from home and drive past gas stations. I’ve had my Tesla MY for a month and half now and loving it.

  6. I've found that I only need to charge maybe once a week with 330 miles of range. Do you follow Tesla's advise that "A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla"?