Ford F-150 Lightning vs Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race – It’s Much Closer Than You Think!

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In this video we head to the Dragstrip in the new Ford F-150 Lightning to see what it will run in the quarter mile!

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  1. You won that race against the CTS-V. The winner is determined by who crosses the finish line first, not who got the fastest time or highest speed. You crossed first.

  2. Nice runs! Glad to see real track results instead of keyboard racing. Regarding the chick in the CTS V, look at the time slip… she let off just past the 1/8 mile. Her speed at the 1/8 mile was 97 and her speed at the 1/4 was 100. What was the state of charge in the Lightning? I know that in my Model Y performance there is a steady decline in 1/4 mile time as SOC goes down.

  3. If your planning on racing more you might consider getting headers and a cat back exhaust system, to open exhaust flow.

  4. Do you think you guys can get your hands on that new Rivian? It has over 800hp, it would be really interesting to see how that performs compared to the F150

  5. That's what I don't understand about Ford. They have their Mach E GT which is suppose to be their performance EV, but they come out with a full size EV pickup, give it 100 more HP and it actually has a better trap speed than the Mach E. Not to mention they give it the Mustang name. I honestly think that the Ford marketing team and their engineers are not on the same page. That Mach E should at least have the same power output as the F150. Actually it should have more.

  6. You have the heaviest fat pig version of the lightning and it's still fast. I'd love it ford went back to it's lightning roots and build a single cab short box lightning!

  7. CRICKETS! As of this morning, no one has posted the price to replace the battery on this truck . No one has posted the price of an extended warranty that would cover this replacement………… You may wonder why? The battery concept vehicle isn't new……… It's just NEVER been proven to be cost effective!

  8. 10k towing lmao for about 100 miles. EVs are shit at towing because power density of the batteries is too low and the massive efficiency loss of towing is too high. also if that other guy's 3/4 ton can't tow 10k he f'd it up. mine tows 14k just fine easily covering 600 miles in a day. there are exactly zero EV's that can currently do that and it's not even close. Would I love an EV truck? hell yes the torque is out of this world, but until they are more than just pickup shaped cars/toys that won't happen. not to mention the hassle of there being zero trailer friendly chargers. so you have to drop the trailer somewhere go-to the charger wait pickup the trailer so at best 1 hour charging every 100 miles at that claimed 10k . good luck and enjoy walking and the tow.

  9. You guys have the content, but listening to you two is like nails on a chalkboard. Horrible delivery.

  10. 0.7, 0.4 sec reaction times? Don’t waste my time until you can find some competent drivers.

  11. Consistent 12.8-12.9 over and over. Looks like with a good launch it could get 12.7-12.6, maybe on a cool day.

  12. That couldn't have been a model 3 performance as on a bad day they will run 11:40 in the 1/4. My model Y performance runs 11:80.

  13. Just goes to show you that you don't any skill to race a EV, no matter who drives it they run a consistent.