Why You SHOULD NOT BUY a Tesla Model 3!

Ready to find out if Tesla is worth it? This is my 2022 Tesla Model 3 review or the reasons I think the Tesla model 3 2022 might not be as reliable or good as you’ve heard. The Tesla vehicles are absolutely fun to drive and exciting to own, but there are some quality issues I’m going to show you today that might worry you if you’re thinking about buying this car.

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  1. Appreciate these details. I considered a model 3 but as someone who isn’t a car expert and who didn’t love the complete lack of manual controls, I decided I needed something more reliable and easy to use

  2. When you say recall in 99% of issue, aren't most of them actually firmware updates that have been corrected?

  3. We need more videos like this, hopefully this video can blow up on YouTube. Hopefully enough people either don’t buy them, or even better, cancel their orders! I’ve been waiting too long for mine to arrive.

  4. Agreed, I don't want to pay a premium for a vehicle and be a lab rat lol. Agreed that Tesla is not ready for colder climates, battery degregation is accelerated by extreme temperatures 🙂

  5. My biggest issue is your comparison of Lexus to Tesla. Lexus is Toyota and we know Toyota is literally THE top hitter in quality control. There's also a video of a tree falling on a tesla model 3 and the driver was still able to open their door and exit the car so. Plus sun roofs are horrible and leak and can be expensive to fix just like the panoramic glass. Luxury cars in general are not cheap.

  6. OMG, really dude!! I have to say coming from a Model X owner I have to say this guy is an idiot. It’s boils down how you take care of your car and if you have a problem, Tesla will correct it. Hint, Hint, be wise and stop listening to guys like this.. BTW, Toyota had similar problems when they first started and well, just like every new company and for panel gaps, I have that with my 2004 VW convertible and VW been in the market for YEARS……

  7. Tesla must be doing something right. All manufacturers are following their lead. Dude sounds like a major hater. Probably got smoked by a MSP. Don’t feel bad, everyone does.

  8. WTF Never had any of the problems you mentioned. Starting price of a Chevy volt is 43, 000. starting price for a model 3 47 000

  9. I’ve owned a Performance Model 3 since 2018. I have not experienced one of these so called problems mentioned. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Zero issues.

  10. A reason not to buy one? They're getting more and more expensive almost on a monthly basis!!

    I bought my LR last year for £10,500 LESS than it costs today! The standard RWD is now more expensive than my LR. I wouldn't buy at today's price

  11. I’m sorry I watched this video,,, I’ve never seen so many angry negative comments

  12. well I have a model 3 and LOVE IT so I don't know wtf your talking about and really don't care.

  13. Thanks for the heads up. I ordered my 3 with the aluminium body so mine will not rust. No trouble with mine. Can’t believe they sell so many if they are rubbish. People must be stupid. They should listen to you.

  14. $12k to alpha-test FSD and endanger the driving public to boot?!? No thanks. Any Tesla running FSD on the streets should be required to run yellow caution lights on the roof!!

  15. The US and Canada, and in general the world is not ready for the EV vehicles.There no infrastructure supporting this vehicles, especially in the cities.And they're expensive!Go Brandon wants as to buy them,but where all that electricity is going to come from?Solar panels and wind mills?That's the most idiotic idea at this point. The world is not ready for this!Good video Mark,as always!🙂

  16. So much problems for a 60k car 🙁 For how much time did you have/drive yours ?

  17. My brother's turn signal not working. 1500 dollar repair bill, not under warranty. Brutal. Can purchase alot of fuel for that price.

  18. I've had my M3LR for about 8 months now. I too experienced a couple of the issues described. The main one was the phantom braking when using FSD. I've nearly been rear ended a couple of times because of it. One time it slammed on the brakes on a 65+ highway. Luckily no one was behind me at the time. I ended up canceling my FSD subscription and was so glad I didn't pay the extra $10,000 (now $12,000) to "own" it. It comes standard with basic autopilot but I barely use it. I will on occasion use it during heavy highway traffic but I never take my eyes off the road and always ready to take over.

    I got a couple of recall notices but for me it was software related and fixed via OTA update.

    Other than that, I don't have any issues with panel gaps that I can see. But yes, I've seen some where the gaps are horrible. Even happy Tesla owners will say there's inconsistencies in Quality Control.

    Overall I'm happy with my purchase. The tech is very cool, but the main reasoning for my purchase is not needing gasoline and the much greater range than something like a Nissan Leaf.

  19. Most of those recalls are just software, and done over the air. To be honest most of the issues you mention are quite not convincing why not to buy Tesla. I agree Tesla still need to improve on quality control.

  20. I've owned the 2019 Model 3 and I agreed that quality control is bad such as the gaps are too big, rear glass shatter itself with no reason. Overall I still think it's a great car.

  21. If you buy a brand new Tesla, Inspect every inch of the car carefully and if you find a defect, do not sign. Because if you do find a defect after signing, Tesla will take months to fix it. There service center is terrible. Also, do not pay the absurd amount of money for Full Self Driving, It's actually more stress then just driving the car yourself.

  22. GREAT video, thanks. There is NO quality control at the Tesla Fremont CA facility….NONE. The Model 3 is a great concept that utterly lacks follow through completely.

  23. Nice car, in theory. Fantastic technology. However, I can't ever see myself throwing $60k+, at a minimum, at a car with such poor quality.

  24. There is one, exactly one case in which the rear bumper got lost while driving.

  25. The Tesla will warn you when regenerative breaking is not enabled due to cold temperatures. There is no Auto roll stop. There is regenerative braking or there isn't. The Tesla will warn you if there isnt and them God forbid you actually have to use the brake.

  26. You are always responsible for you driving as it is not a level 3 system. You should especially say attention to pedestrians.

  27. You litterally showed a video clip of a truck crashing into a Tesla without any possibility for anyone neither man nor machine to avoid. That kills your credibility right there.

  28. Exactly. That's how you paint you story. By not mentioning that a recall with a Tesla is an over the air update that happens overnighgt without you having to do anything.